Shell of Memories, Old and New: Recommended Viewing (and Re-watching)

By now, you’re probably aware that I am a fan of Wong Fu Productions. I’ve been watching their work ever since I was in college, and the love keeps on going. They’ve also come to be one of the sources of inspiration for me, as I pursue my ventures into writing for film and TV. That’s why I’m so thrilled to center this first round of Recommended Analyzing post for the year on their latest project.

About a year ago, as one of their Patreon patrons, I founded out that the Wong Fu crew would be doing a spiritual sequel series of their 2011 short film, “Shell.” The original film, written and directed by Wesley Chan, explores a fascinated concept: What would you want to remember?

While the film is a very self contained story, “Shell: The Series” (also written and directed by Chan) broadens the concept, as well as takes it to the realm of science fiction. As shown from the trailer that was dropped earlier this week, the stakes and risks of having these artificial memories are at a high.

“Shell” is one of my favorite shorts from Wong Fu Productions, and so when I heard that a spiritual sequel miniseries is in the works, I wasn’t sure how they were going to do that, but I was already excited for it. Aside from watching the trailer, definitely watch “Shell: The Series” as it comes out. There will be four episodes, and each one will be released each week, starting on January 23rd. You can, however, watch all four episodes now for $15 over on Gumroad. That’s what I did (I just couldn’t wait), and while I won’t spoil anything, what I will say is that I really like the direction Chan went with the concept.

However you decide to watch the miniseries, be sure to also watch (or re-watch) the original short film. I hope it gets you thinking more deeply about the concept of memories and the idea of what you would want to remember.

NOTE: Just for the record, no, Wong Fu did not ask me to promote their latest project on my website. I’m doing this because, as emphasized many times, I’m a fan of their work and I think more people should know about them. However, depending on how things unfold, hopefully there will be more to come on here regarding their latest miniseries.

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