Ukraine: Resources and a Reminder

This is obviously outside of what I would normally post about, but I found it necessary given the most recent circumstances with the invasion Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted in Ukraine. I promise you, I have more of my usual content in March, but for today, here are some resources for how to help the citizens of Ukraine:

This is one of the most comprehensive links a friend of mine made available to me that gives a rundown of what’s going on, and how you can help. Be sure to give it a look through here.

What is happening in Ukraine is horrifying, and I’m glad we’re aware of that. But I want to give a reminder to be mindful of who you express your sympathy to, as it shouldn’t just be when something like this is happening in Europe. Remember it was less than a year ago when Palestine found itself in a similar position, and Taiwan currently has the Chinese government on its tail, in terms of wanting to take power over it.

For my fellow Americans, consider what is happening right now a reflection of what our country has done many times in the past; to my ancestral country among others. History is repeating itself, and now is just as good of time to learn from it and do whatever we can to cease this instance in its tracks.

Cover photo by Matti from Pexels

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