The Act of Screenwriting Exercises

This is another one of those things where you will already know if you follow me on social media. However, in case you don’t, let me just say that I really enjoyed the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” limited series this past month. I loved the journey that this beloved character went through, and despite the hiccups along the way, it didn’t deter my otherwise full blown enjoyment for it. In terms of adding to long-existing story, it was inspiring to me as a writer — so much to where during the show’s run, I started adding to the story myself.

A few times throughout the month, I wrote little scenes that either could be set during the events of the show or are set after the fact, based on the events of the show. I did this for a couple of reasons. It was to answer my own questions that I knew I wouldn’t get otherwise, to explore scenarios that very likely could have taken place, and perhaps also to adhere to my own obscure love for the little details and moments in films and TV shows by creating some of my own.

Now one might be quick to conclude that this is me writing fan fiction, and honestly, I don’t see it as such. It might meet the general definition of the genre, but you’ll notice I’m not posting them online. They’re not even being written as prose. These little exercises I’ve been doing are being written in the form of screenplays. While “Star Wars” spans across mediums ranging from film to video games, I wanted to adhere to the mediums that these scenes in particular would have otherwise been presented in, which is onscreen.

In doing so, I’m actually doing myself a favor. It’s actually a lot like writing spec scripts, which I generally don’t do a ton of since a lot of my focus is usually on creating original work. By doing these little exercises, I’m giving myself the opportunity to both practice writing for established franchises and also to think more deeply about them. It has begun with “Kenobi” and my goal now is to keep them going and consider doing them for other established franchises as well.

Consider me perplexing for me writing about all this when I have no intention of ever making these writings available to the public, but I found it wise to comment on anyway, especially as I continue my journey as a screenwriter. This is me, showing how I’m still at work at honing my craft, even if the strategy in how I do so may not be visible to others. It also is nice, allowing myself to be more proactive in how I indulge some of my favorite stories out there. They take on new meaning.

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