Final Hours of the Kickstarter for “Dasig”

As quick as it began, we are now nearing the endgame. As of this writing, we have just about a day and a half remaining of the Kickstarter campaign for Dasig; a Filipino martial arts graphic novel I am writing about a young warrior-in-training who’s struggling to focus on her pursuits when invaders from an unknown land threaten to take over.

It’s been a daunting ride, in between other Filipino American-created and centered projects having their moments like “Lumpia with a Vengeance” being featured at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, and the release of the first mainstream feature film with a predominantly Filipino American cast, “Easter Sunday.” Although we weren’t sure for a good while if we would meet our goal (even after it dipped below after initially meeting it a few days ago), as of now, I believe it’s safe to say we’ve made it.

Even though we’ve already surpassed our goal, don’t think we can’t use any additional support that comes our way. Our goal was to raise $10K, and as of now, we’re getting close to having $11K. I know there’s only so much that can be done with the little time remaining, but if anyone who is reading this or already knows about this is in a position to help, we’re more than happy to have more backers for our project. Whether you can or not, please at least share it with your networks. Email and social media exist for a reason.

Thank you to all those who’ve shown up for this project already. Dasig is definitely happening! Once the Kickstarter wraps up, please be patient as we hunker down to really deliver the best quality graphic novel possible. I think what we’re creating is quite cool, and I hope future readers will think the same thing.


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