Check out Mixed Asian Media Fest 2022!

Hey everyone! So clearly, I am posting this a few days earlier than I normally would on my blog, but the reason why is aside from this weekend being busy, the subject in which I’m addressing officially kicks off today.

After a successful inaugural event last year, Mixed Asian Media Fest is back. Starting today, the official selection of projects, as well as pre-recorded panel discussions and interviews, is now available to watch from wherever you are in the world, and if you’re in New York, you can experience our in-person programming starting this Friday at Prime Produce Coop. It’s a slightly different build from what we had last year, but still just as full of things for attendees to check out and do.

While I sadly will not be present for any of the activity in New York, I will be online, overseeing the virtual programming that I’ve spent the better part of the past several weeks assembling. Also, similar to last year, I have a project that will be appearing as a non-competitive entry in the program, and that would be my virtual one-act play from earlier this year, “Not in Kansas.” If you haven’t yet seen it, I hope you’ll add it to your to-watch list of all the other incredible projects to see.

Mixed Asian Media Fest starts today and will run through Sunday, September 18th. All tickets can be purchased here.


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