6 Years of “An Absolute Mind” and the Future of that Universe

Ideally, I would have liked to have written about this earlier in the month. However, due to occurrences that I’ve made known by now, it just didn’t feel right. But I didn’t want the month of November to come and go without acknowledging it at all either, as there is more to be said about it than a year ago.

First off, let me just say that I can’t believe it’s already been six years since the release of An Absolute Mind. So much has happened in my life and in this world since then, and for all the shortcomings I highlighted in my previous anniversary piece about it, the themes and subject matter I’ve addressed in it have become more prominent in discussions occurring in time.

It’s interesting to ponder on, when I consider the fact that this year also marks ten years since I originally came up with the idea for An Absolute Mind. For those don’t already know, the idea for An Absolute Mind actually precedes the idea for A Moment’s Worth. However, I wound up pursuing A Moment’s Worth first, as that one was more doable for me to tackle at the time, before starting on An Absolute Mind two years later.

It’s incredible for me on how an idea for a story and universe I came up with ten years ago is one I still find myself gravitating towards even now. Since the novel’s release, I’ve written a film adaptation of it (though currently shelved at this time) and have gone back and forth on whether or not it’s worth my time and energy to even follow through on a follow-up of sorts. I’ve attempted doing so a few years ago, before putting it on hold in the midst of the stress of, what is now, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, without saying too much, I will say that the drive to pursue more stories set within this universe has been reawakened. Just last month, I wrote a pilot for a limited series that is more or less the story that would have been told in the follow-up novel I was previously working on. While it’s currently being used as a sample for a writing program I’ve applied to, I cannot deny the pride I have for how it’s turned out and would love to explore the possibility of making it into something that goes beyond the page.

In addition, again without saying too much, I am in the early process of developing something else that’s also set within this universe. Because of how early on I am in it, I’ll just leave it as that and await to see where I’ll go with it.

I think there’s something to be said when a universe you created when you were younger continues to inspire you a number of years later. It’s been six years since An Absolute Mind came out, and even as I pursue and develop new stories ideas — whether that be for the page, stage or screen — I’m so happy now that I can continue to find gems in this spark of an idea that’s now been with me for a third of my life already. Who knows what more I’ll have to say about it when I do another retrospective on this novel a year from now.

Until then, if you haven’t already, I do encourage you to go read An Absolute Mind. You can purchase a physical copy or a digital one through Amazon, Arkipelago Books, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. If you’ve already read it, then I’d love it if you can leave a review on it for either the vendor you bought it from and/or for the book’s Goodreads page. Your review will make it easier for other people to find it… not to mention serve as extra motivation for me to continue these new stories in this universe.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels.


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