Thoughts About Creative Works That Age Like Fine Wine

As a teetotaler, I can’t speak to this experience authentically, but I have heard about how the quality of a wine’s taste usually is significantly better in time. Lately, it has occurred to me that creative works can sometimes have the same thing happen. Continue reading “Thoughts About Creative Works That Age Like Fine Wine”


A Time for Graphic Novels

It’s a time for graphic novels. That might come off as an odd thing to say in the midst of awards season, and yet, I can’t help see it everywhere I go.

Anyone who is in tune with comics and graphic novels already know how structurally, they are page-turning storyboards to film and shows waiting to happen. While we’ve seen that a lot akin the superhero franchises, it’s the one-offs, the standalone graphic novels, the visual stories tapped into communities, and worlds even, apart from what we’re already familiar with that are starting to manifest into something more than what their bookworm audiences already know them for. Continue reading “A Time for Graphic Novels”