Lauren Lola is a San Francisco Bay Area-based author, freelance writer, playwright, and screenwriter. She graduated from California State University, East Bay where she earned her B.A. in Communication and a minor in Theatre. She is the author of An Absolute Mind and A Moment’s Worth. Lauren has also had writing featured on The Nerds of Color, CAAMedia, PBS, YOMYOMF, Multiracial Media, Kollaboration, and other outlets and publications.

Lauren has written plays that have been produced at Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco and has work included in the Zoom Plays collection at the Project Y Theatre Company in New York. She recently made her screenwriting debut with the short film, “Breath of Writing,” from Asiatic Productions.

She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @akolaurenlola.

Lola By The Bay is her personal blog, where she writes about storytelling (in books, TV, film, music, etc.), the writing process, and life as an author. You can check back every Saturday for a new post from her!

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    1. Hey Desiree! Glad you like it. It was just in the matter of having one major hub for people to go to to learn about my work, as well as having a space to talk about storytelling, my books, about writing, and about life as a writer.

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