Playwright’s Commentary: “Common Ground”

“Stories High XVII” is currently playing at San Francisco’s Bindlestiff Studio. This annual showcase brings together the talents of the hard work of everyone who had participated in the series of writing, acting, and directing workshops leading up to this creative collaboration. Six one-act plays are featured in this year’s rendition, and I’m happy to say that for the very first time, I am the writer for one of them: “Common Ground.”

As I mentioned when I first announced that this would be happening, “Stories High” was the very first show I saw at Bindlestiff Studio. To have a play featured in it this year is not only an honor, but it’s also a full circle coming into fruition. While I will have seen the show by the time this blog post is published, at the time of writing, I’ve yet to see “Common Ground” in its fully developed form. Despite that, similar to when I provided commentary on my writing for “The Geek Show,” today I want to go in depth on the conceptualization and development that went into writing “Common Ground.” Continue reading


Author’s Commentary: About “46”

(Never had I expected that I would be doing three commentaries in under six months, and the likelihood that another one is to happen before the end of the year is very high.)

In honor of the release of “46” – the short story spin-off to A Moment’s Worth and my first self-released short story in three years – today I will be going in-depth on the conception and development of the story. I shall explain what it was like to revisit characters from my debut novel, why I wrote the story as it is, and why it means a lot for it to be out in the world during this particular time. As you can imagine, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t read it already, go read it first before reading this commentary. Continue reading

Playwright’s Commentary: “She’s Strong With the Force” and “Fractals”

If you’ve been keeping up, then you probably know by now that the show that I’ve served as a writer and producer for, “The Geek Show,” is currently playing at San Francisco’s Bindlestiff Studio. This duality of both a love letter and critique about the geek culture has been a labor of love for everyone who has been involved, and so to finally be putting it on for audiences is quite a thrilling feeling indeed.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been involved with a play at all, and it’s been 12 years since I last wrote something for the stage. “The Geek Show” gave me the opportunity to test out my stage writing for the first time in that long, and it made for quite the experience. It also helped that I would be drawing on interests of my own as a geek, and fuse it in a way to make something special. Continue reading

From Within the Mind: Influences

In honor of the three months since An Absolute Mind came out, this month, I shall be doing a weekly series of behind-the-scenes glimpses at the process and the decisions made with the creation of the novel. Be careful for potential spoilers if you haven’t read it yet, and I hope you enjoy. (NOTE: While today is the last Saturday of the month, this isn’t the last post of the series. I have one more after this that will be released tomorrow.)
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A Brief Commentary on “The Waiting Game”

So in case you didn’t already know or see, last Sunday I was the subject of the Spotlight Sunday feature on Zealous Scripts.  I participated in an interview and I also provided a short story to accompany it called “The Waiting Game.”  It’s a story about a gay man who finds out his boyfriend has been taken to a hospital on account of being found unconscious following a possible mugging, and while he deals with the worry and stress, his roommate comforts him in the most unlikely of ways.

As it’s become a tradition on this blog to provide a commentary of some type whenever I release such works- such as what I did for “The Shadows” and A Moment’s Worth– I figured it be wisest to continue it and provide some background info on how I came up with “The Waiting Game.”  This commentary will likely be a little more informal than previous ones, just to give you a heads up now.  Also, as always, be careful for spoilers if you haven’t read it yet.

created by Lauren Lola

created by Lauren Lola

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Behind the Moments: Time and Places

In honor of the three months since A Moment’s Worth came out, for the month of October, I shall be doing a series where I reveal some background history of the novel each week.  I might include some content that may contain spoilers, so be careful when reading if you haven’t already read the book yet.  I hope you enjoy.

Time and place are necessary essentials when writing a novel.  For books such as The Hunger Games trilogy, it’s very specific how it’s set in post-apocalyptic North America.  In the novel 1Q84, it takes up most of the year of 1984 in an urban setting in Japan.  David Mitchell’s novels take these elements a step further; in particular with his novels Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks where he’s leaping from country to country, time period to time period all over the place.  It’s quite fascinating.  My book is definitely not an exception to these must-needed elements when it comes to storytelling, and so for that matter, I want to dwell deeper into that aspect now. Continue reading