Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)

Four months have passed since my previous update regarding the progress of my second novel. Last time I spoke of how progress was moving at a snail’s pace, which, as I made very clear, was not at all the speed I wanted to be going at. But due to the circumstances at the time, that pace was due to lack of feedback from the individual who was editing my work at the time.

That is why I’m so happy to say that so much has changed since then. In fact, it’s wise to note that where I’m at now, I’m actually starting to get ready for its release. Continue reading “Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)”

Pushing Molasses Along (Second Novel Status Report #5)

It’s been three months since my previous status report about the making of my second novel. Reading back on that previous update, I see how I said that I aim to make these updates more frequent as time comes along, but it’s hard to really provide anything substantiating to say when progress these days continues to move ever so slowly. Continue reading “Pushing Molasses Along (Second Novel Status Report #5)”

On the Hustle to Get Work Done (Second Novel Status Report #4)

With the fact that it’s not only a new year but also the year of the release, I figured it’s time to release another status report on my second novel. I can imagine these to appear much more frequent now than before, as we get closer and closer to the book’s release.

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Special Friday Post: Black Friday Sale and the Poll

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. For everyone else, I hope it was just as good of a day for you yesterday. I have a couple of announcements to put out prior to tomorrow’s regularly scheduled post, so let’s get it going:

First of all, in light of Black Friday, I have a little sale going on for my first novel, A Moment’s Worth. Since the sale I did for it on Amazon back on July did really well, I decided to do it again. From now through to next Friday December 4th, you’ll be able to purchase A Moment’s Worth for $1.99. I highly advise you take this opportunity to do so, especially if you haven’t read it yet. Besides, who knows when the next sale for it will be. You can go purchase A Moment’s Worth on Amazon here. Continue reading “Special Friday Post: Black Friday Sale and the Poll”

Fresh Eyes, Cover Designs, Continual Inspiration, and Thinking Ahead (Second Novel Status Report #3)

Another four months has passed since I last gave a full-on update about the making of my second novel. Therefore, I believe that’s just enough time for me to write up a new one. As I look back on the progress on the novel between the previous update and now, I realize now that a lot has happened, and as you can imagine, I really like that.

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Special Sunday Post: The Poll Has a DEADLINE

In case you missed out on the previous blog posts about this (which you can check out here and here), I currently have a poll going on where people can vote on whether or not they want to see my second novel available in print as well as digital. 2016 is not that far away now and that is the year I plan to release this novel I’m currently working on.

While editing is still taking place, it’s wise to note for the past two months, I’ve begun conceptualizing what the front cover is going to look like, and I aim for this week to mark the beginning of really assembling that together into fruition. With the fact that I’m starting to dive in on that aspect of it now, naturally it’s wise to consider whether to create a back cover for the book too, and that normally applies with books that are released in print. But since I still don’t know if I should release it in print or not, that’s why I want to make the following announcement: Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: The Poll Has a DEADLINE”

Special Tuesday Post: Election Day (POLL)

If you reside here in the United States, then Happy Election Day! Contrary to what the media is making it seem like otherwise, this is not the year where we vote for president, but today is a reminder of the rights we have to actually provide voice to who we wanted to see representing our communities, our states, and our country. For those who reside outside the United States, I can imagine similar rights existing when it comes the governing bodies as your respective leaders as well.

It’s with that that I figured today would be a good day to remind everyone that the poll to vote whether or not you want my second novel to be available in print is still open. There’s still no date as to when it will close, but I still advise not to wait around too long if you consider voting, and here’s why: My second novel is to be released in 2016, and while the actual release date itself is yet to be determined, with the fact that we are in the month of November now, it’s evident to see how the new year really isn’t that far away now.

Edits are still taking place, but eventually I’m going to have to start working on the publishing aspect of the book, and I need to make sure I have all the necessary material on me ready to go (in terms of cover art, proper formatting of the manuscript, etc.). It’s not everyday an author gives its readers this kind of power, in terms of deciding what forms the novel will be published, so I encourage you to take a few seconds to vote.

To see the original post regarding the poll, click here. Thank you for reading and a new post will be up on Saturday like always.


Special Sunday Post: To Print or Not to Print, That is the Question (POLL)

I know that in the past it’s been slow with getting responses of any kind, but with the fact that I’m really going to be pushing this one with my social media, I hope for a better outcome.

If you’re an active reader of my blog, then you know by now that I’m currently in the editing stages for my second novel.  While it’s still not coming out for a little while, I’m already thinking ahead in terms of various aspects of it, including what format it shall be published in.  While it will for sure be available digitally like A Moment’s Worth and “The Shadows,” I’m toying with the idea of possibly making it available in print too.  I’ve done some research and generally speaking, it would be very inexpensive for me to make that happen.  The question is though, is that something people would want?  Would people want the option of getting it in a physical format? Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: To Print or Not to Print, That is the Question (POLL)”

From Writing to Editing (Second Novel Status Report #2)

It’s been four months since I made the first update regarding progress on my second novel.  Since then I’ve mentioned it briefly here and there, without going too in-depth on the process.  However, I feel that enough time has passed now that I found it appropriate to write up another update.  Besides, since my first update, I’ve transitioned to a new stage in the process.

A little over two weeks ago, I finished the rough draft of the second novel.  It took a little over six months to write it (which is a shorter period of time than when I wrote A Moment’s Worth), and maybe the cool thing about it is it’s longer as well.  Since then, I’ve begun the editing process.  At the moment, I’m going through it myself and making edits.  I already knew ahead of time that there would be things I would want to change in the manuscript, and so now I’m taking the time to do so.

Continue reading “From Writing to Editing (Second Novel Status Report #2)”

Writing About the Future (Second Novel Status Report #1)

At the time I established this blog, I guess you can say that it was at good timing.  I was already in the editing stage for A Moment’s Worth and I found myself talking about various concepts related to the novel, leading up to its release.  For my second novel though, I find myself blogging not during a sliver of its making, but rather the whole way through; and with that, I’ve been wondering for a while as to when would be the wisest time to say anything about it.  It’s been three months since I started writing my second novel, and with that, I decided to go ahead and say something in particular about it.

I’ve been vague on details to many people regarding what it’s about conceptually.  What I have been explicit about though is the fact that my second novel takes place in the future. Continue reading “Writing About the Future (Second Novel Status Report #1)”