Shock Value with a Purpose: Recommended Sending

So this is something that I just heard about yesterday, and when I did, I knew I had to share about it on here. Books can be powerful, even when expressing a message that’s blatant all on its own. Yet sometimes, it takes a book — especially those normally meant for a much younger crowd — to really illustrate a point. Continue reading “Shock Value with a Purpose: Recommended Sending”


The Mind, the Responsibility, and the Role: Recommended Reading

Could it be: two Recommended Analyzing pieces over two consecutive weeks? That it is. Because last week’s was about something I had written, I decided to do another one as I normally do them: centering on something someone else has created. It also doesn’t hurt when you consider the fact that I haven’t done a ton of these within the past year, so you might say this is making up for all of that as well. Continue reading “The Mind, the Responsibility, and the Role: Recommended Reading”

A Retrospective of a Retrospective: Recommended Reading

I often strive to not talk too much about the non-fiction writing I do on here. I also usually tend to gear these Recommended Analyzing posts to shine a light on content that have caught my attention and not work that I’ve created. I am breaking both of those rules today, and for a reason I consider to be valid. Today’s recommendation will be to read back on a retrospective series I did five years ago. Continue reading “A Retrospective of a Retrospective: Recommended Reading”

Shell of Memories, Old and New: Recommended Viewing (and Re-watching)

By now, you’re probably aware that I am a fan of Wong Fu Productions. I’ve been watching their work ever since I was in college, and the love keeps on going. They’ve also come to be one of the sources of inspiration for me, as I pursue my ventures into writing for film and TV. That’s why I’m so thrilled to center this first round of Recommended Analyzing post for the year on their latest project. Continue reading “Shell of Memories, Old and New: Recommended Viewing (and Re-watching)”

Mixed Pinoy Pride Panel: Recommended Viewing

Happy Filipino American History Month everyone!

I’ve written about this before, but for those who need a refresher or who otherwise don’t know, Filipino American History Month is a time dedicated to acknowledging the Filipino Americans who’ve helped build and change the United States of America for the better. It’s more than just celebrating the traditions that have been passed down by our ancestors, so please, please refrain from calling it Filipino American Heritage Month. It’s not the same thing! Continue reading “Mixed Pinoy Pride Panel: Recommended Viewing”

Let the Monsters Roar: Recommended Reading

It’s been a minute since I last suggested something for Recommended Analyzing. This came across my radar this week and I knew immediately to recommend it.

Last month, author Sarah Kuhn released her second YA novel, From Little Tokyo, with Love. It follows a mixed-race Japanese American teenage girl with a hot temper who is suddenly faced with the possibility that her mother, whom she long believed was dead, might actually be alive. Along the way of discovering the truth, she navigates her feelings for both a cute actor she befriends, and about herself and where she fits in the world.

Continue reading “Let the Monsters Roar: Recommended Reading”

Racism is a Virus Part II: REQUIRED Research

As disgusted as I am that we’re nearly a year into this pandemic, I’m even more so at the ongoing attacks against the Asian American community. While xenophobia towards Asian Americans is nothing new in this country, there’s been a spike in attacks over the past year in response to the surge of COVID-19 cases. From March 19th-December 31st of last year, Stop AAPI Hate had 2,808 reports of hate crimes collected (a thorough breakdown of this data can be found here). Continue reading “Racism is a Virus Part II: REQUIRED Research”