Wisdom from a Nerd of Color: Recommended Readings

With “The Geek Show” premiering in less than a week and other shenanigans happening as of recently, I regret that I have been unable to conjure up a proper topic for this week. Nonetheless, I don’t want to leave any readers that are out there hanging, and am instead making this post as my monthly Recommended Analyzing post. Continue reading “Wisdom from a Nerd of Color: Recommended Readings”

Inspiration Between Universes: Recommended Reading

In case it doesn’t seem evident by now, I love learning about the stories behind stories. I love it when I learn about the inspiration behind a particular character, the reasoning behind why a certain part of the plot was changed, and even the origin story behind how a story came to be in the first place. I came across an article not too long ago that was published back in October. It talks about inspiration for a character on a television show from another one in a highly praised film. While I was aware of this knowledge in advance, just reading about it from a reliable place is a reassuring find. This also makes for an appropriately timed material to analyze, seeing that March is dedicated to celebrating women of the past and present. Continue reading “Inspiration Between Universes: Recommended Reading”

President Obama on Books and Storytelling: Recommended Reading

In case you didn’t know already, sometimes I’ll write and schedule a blog post ahead of its Saturday publication. This one is one of those days. While you are reading this on Saturday, this was written two days in advance, on President Barack Obama’s last full day in office. While I have zero intention of watching the inauguration, I can still imagine the reality of Friday leaving me drained to some degree. That’s why it only seemed right to write this post while Obama is still in office – especially since this post is about him. Continue reading “President Obama on Books and Storytelling: Recommended Reading”

Bruce Lee and Poetry: Recommended Listening

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog post fall on a holiday, and never before has it fallen on the day of two holidays might I add. For those who celebrate Christmas: Merry Christmas Eve! For those who celebrate Hanukkah: Happy Hanukkah! For those don’t celebrate either: I hope you are having a good day anyway. For those who are hurting this holiday season: I feel for you.

As seen from this past week, this stink of a year that is 2016 refuses to let up, even during the holiday season. The electoral college has basically set up our country for failure these next four years by finalizing Trump as our next president (stupid heads!), the man himself is already posing as a national and international threat by speaking about how the U.S. should expand its nuclear ability, and “Star Wars” fans everywhere received a scare when Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack yesterday. Continue reading “Bruce Lee and Poetry: Recommended Listening”

Before You Read “An Absolute Mind”: Recommended Readings

We are down to the wire at this point. It is finally November, and as of today, we are now ten days away from the release of my second novel, An Absolute Mind. Since my previous post, my condition has improved over the past week, and I think that largely has to do with the number of outlets who are picking up on the book’s impending release and taking interest in it. It’s an exciting time, and hopefully the excitement I feel will outdo any additional stress that may come my way. Continue reading “Before You Read “An Absolute Mind”: Recommended Readings”

Discovering Creativity via a Visual Director: Recommended Viewing

In the past whenever I’ve provided material to be analyzed, it’s often as a result of an after effect of a really tragic event that happened during the week; so much so that my brain is numbed up from being able to produce a proper idea to blog about. However, this time is different. I wanted to provide something to analyze without bringing along that ball and chain. Continue reading “Discovering Creativity via a Visual Director: Recommended Viewing”


Bad and/or stressful events happen in the world all the time. I just can’t seem to ignore the ongoing race for the next president of the United States that won’t have an end in sight for at least another five more months. I also remain furious as our justice system continues to let down rape victims by giving rapist Brock Turner only six months in jail, for raping an unconscious woman last year. As of recent, the year of losing musical talent continues; this time, from gun violence.

It’s a lot to go off of that can bring many spirits down, which is why today’s post is being kept short, in the matters of giving something to read and giving something to do. Continue reading “justice”

Shakespeare x Prince: Recommended Viewing

It really doesn’t seem right to write about anything else, given the significance and events of these past few days. Today is the 400th anniversary since renowned English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare passed away. Two days ago, Prince died.

I have my thoughts and feelings about both of these individuals. For Prince, the loss of him is definitely more hard hitting for me than when David Bowie died three months ago. Prince’s music is, what I call, “childhood sound.” I heard his music a lot when I was little, without really realizing at the time what an influential artist he was. Knowing that he’s gone now is something I still find hard to grasp, for it feels more like he disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and no one has bothered to send out a search for him. Continue reading “Shakespeare x Prince: Recommended Viewing”

From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading

It’s been a crummy week for the world. While no mass shootings or terrorist attacks have happened at all this week, it’s hard to ignore the scarily common occurrence of seasoned entertainers passing away from cancer (some of whom having kept a tight lip about). With the sudden loss of so many people this week- for me, in particular, Alan Rickman on Thursday- I’m finding it difficult this week to summon the proper energy to write on the topic that was originally scheduled for today. Continue reading “From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading”