ScreenCraft – 2023 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists: My short screenplay, “The Memorial,” is listed as a quarterfinalist!

Hard NOC Life – 297: Every Oscar Nom Reaction All at Once


This Filipino American Life – Episode 179 – TFAL Gives Thanks – An email I had sent them in response to the previous episode is read at the beginning of this one.

Buzzfeed – 82 Mixed-Race Celebrities On Their Multiracial Identity: My interview I did with Jessica Henwick for Mixed Asian Media (then Hapa Mag) is referenced in this listicle.

ShoPowSho 104: ‘Dasig’ Creators Kristian Kabuay and Lauren Lola

Misfits – Ep. 10 Being Filipino and Proud, Contemplating the Complexities of Asian Identities, and Writing Science Fiction with Lauren Lola


The So Weird Podcast – Ep. 84: Family Reunion – Book 1 Review

Strong Asian Lead – CH – Mixed Asians in Media

Shoutout LA – Meet Alex Chester | Actor & Editor-in-Chief

Buzzfeed – 39 Mixed Asian Pacific Islander Celebs Who Have Opened Up About Their Racial Identity: My interview I did with Jessica Henwick for Mixed Asian Media (then Hapa Mag) is referenced in this listicle.

ShoPowSho – 036: Author/Writer Lauren Lola (Full description on The Nerds of Color here)

Rappler – WATCH: 180 Seconds, 5 Artists – Your Script Produced Announces Season 2 Quarterfinalists, Your Script Produced Announces Season 2 Semifinalists

Fantasy/Sci-fi Film & Writing Festival – SCREENPLAY TRAILER: An Absolute Mind Script Trailer

Matthew Toffolo’s Summary – Interview with Screenwriter Lauren Lola (AN ABSOLUTE MIND)

Rainy Day Artistic Collective – Inaugural One-Act Showcase Interview

NYC Midnight – The Short Screenplay Challenge | 1st Round, Challenge #2 Results

WILDsound Podcast – Jan. 5, 2021 – Screenwriter Lauren Lola (An Absolute Mind)

The Cr8sian Project – Amazing Asians in the Arts: Lauren Lola


The Nerds of Color – NOCS of the Roundtable: Goodbye 2020

The So Weird Podcast – Holiday Special (video version here, audio version here)

Kollaboration – #Kollab2020 Alumni Staff Highlight (Instagram version here, Facebook version here)

Fantasy/Sci-fi Film & Writing Festival – SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading: An Absolute Mind by Lauren Lola

NYC Midnight – The Short Screenplay Challenge | 1st Round, Challenge #1 Results: My script, “Small Town Spy,” made Top 15 in my assigned category.

Nerds Rule the World (NRW) – Lumpia with a Vengeance Review!

Coverfly – The Red List – Top Rated Sci-fi Television (Half-Hour) Screenplays This Month: My pilot, “Time and Time Again,” is ranked #20 on the list for October.

ScreenCraft – 2021 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition Quarterfinalists: My pilot, “Time and Time Again,” is one of the quarterfinalists!

The So Weird Podcast – Halloween Special (fan edition here, full version here, audio version here)

6 Degrees of Hapa – Share Your Hapa Story: Lauren Lola (Feature originally released on Instagram on October 7, 2017)

Hard NOC Life – Concluded, ‘The Clone Wars’ Have: I’m mentioned a few times throughout this episode. Given the subject matter discussed, it quickly becomes clear why.

ScreenCraft – 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists: My screenplay, “An Absolute Mind,” is one of the quarterfinalists!

Hard NOC Life –The Lin-Mando Takeover of Disney+ Zoom NOC Life

Long Distance Radio – Calls from the Frontlines

Asienne Magazine – a Tigertail commentary panel

Cold Tea Collective – International Women’s Day: Personal Stories from Asian Womxn


Long Distance Radio – Long Distance Calls Vol. 1

Dreamworks/Dreamworks’ “Abominable” Social Media Channels – “Abominable” is “absolutely gorgeous” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Chicago Sun-Times – Chicago theater: ‘The Band’s Visit,’ ‘The Great Leap’ and more previews, openings Aug. 30-Sept. 5

Asienne Magazine – Writers’ Spotlight: Summer 2019

Mixed (Me)dia – Lauren (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA)

Asienne Magazine – Defining the Fil-Am Identity with Lauren Lola

People to People Travel Programs (Instagram) – In Tribute to the Notre Dame Cathedral


YOMYOMF- YOMYOMF Blockbuster Showdown: AQUAMAN

Multiracial Family Man- Multiracial community gratitude and appreciation, Ep. 184: I received a shout out in this episode for my contributions to host Alex Barnett’s website, Multiracial Media.



April Magazine- Understanding the Asian American Divide: I was among many interviewees quoted in this very critical article about the outlook and representation of Southeast Asians.



Hapa Mag Issue 004- Hapa Reads, Hapa Fitness, Hapa Travels


Book Reader Magazine- Featured Author Lauren Lola

BBC World Book Club- Celeste Ng: I was fortunate to have been recorded by BBC ahead of this interview with Celeste Ng, where I asked her two questions about her debut novel, Everything I Never Told You. The question can be heard beginning around 17:25.

YOMYOMF- GEEK SHOW: BINDLECON Opens In San Francisco This Weekend: I received a shout out in this write-up and interview fellow Offender Dominic did on the upcoming production of “The Geek Show 2: BindleCon.”

Lit CelebrAsian- Interview: Lauren Lola – Author of An Absolute Mind

The Pioneer- CSUEB alumna co-writes SF production




Books and Boba- #33 – FilBookFest: I provided a series of interviews from vendors at the Fourth FilBookFest (recorded October 2017).

Edwin Peng- Review of “An Absolute Mind” by Lauren Lola

Fresh Creatives- Episode 10: The Last Train: My pitch was used as the chosen one to develop into a concept for a feature film.

Fresh Creatives- Episode 9: Pop. 842: In this Halloween episode, all the pitches featured were from me.

6 Degrees of Hapa (Instagram)- Share Your Story 015: @akolaurenlola

Bindlestiff Studio- Stories High XVII

This Filipino American Life- Bonus Episode: “About Tita” by Lauren Lola: Wrote, narrated, and produced the audio story featured in this episode.

loudlysilent- Interview with Lauren Lola on her new short story and being a playwright

Cal State East Bay Magazine (Spring 2017)- Class Notes (pg. 22)

Storify- The Third #AsianLitChat Session – Recap feat. Guest Authors – May 27 2017.: I was among many other writers, readers and special guests to take part in the third #AsianLitChat on Twitter for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We discussed our thoughts on the writing process, book recommendations, Asian representation, and our own works as well.


Books and Boba- #14 – The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera: Third guest appearance on a podcast.

Fresh Creatives- Episode 6: Drifter’s Gold: My pitch was used as the chosen one to develop into a concept for a feature film.

Elevating the Genre- Episode 26: Guest Starring The Geek Show At Bindlestiff Studio: Third appearance on a podcast, second guest appearance.

Bindlestiff Studio- The Geek Show

Endpaper: The Paperblanks Blog- 8 Questions With Lauren Lola, Blogger and Author

Bruce Lee Podcast- #37 On Being Human: My nomination of the late Tyrus Wong was used for this episode’s #AAHA (Awesome Asians and Hapas) segment.

YOMYOMF- Asian American Reactions to Oscars 2017: One of my tweets was featured regarding the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

This Filipino American Life- Episode 9: Love Life of An Asian Guy: I received a shout out from the TFAL crew, as a fan of the podcast.

YOMYOMF- Day of Remembrance on Twitter: One of my tweets was featured regarding the Day of Remembrance (a.k.a. the day President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066).

The Pioneer- CSUEB graduate completes second novel

loudlysilent- 5 Questions with Lauren Lola, Author of “An Absolute Mind”

Multiracial Media- How Do We Self Identify?


Center for Asian American Media- Asian American Media Milestones in 2016

YOMYOMF- YOMYOMF Blockbuster Showdown: ROGUE ONE

The Blood-Jet Writing Hour- Episode #120: Of Resistance and Refusal: My second appearance on a podcast, where I read a quote from my novel, An Absolute Mind, and how ironic yet relevant it is thematically in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

YOMYOMF- YOMYOMF Blockbuster Showdown: MOANA


Success Circuit- An Absolute Mind by Lauren Lola – Book Review

FanGirlNation Magazine- Lauren Lola’s ‘An Absolute Mind’

Multiracial Media- Bay Area Author Prepares for Release of Second Novel: An Absolute Mind

Philippine News- Filipino American Author Prepares for Release of Second Novel

Fresh Creatives- Episode 1: The Order of the Potter: The Pottery Barn: Two story pitches I had submitted made it onto the inaugural episode of the podcast.

Books and Boba- #2 – Everything I Never Told You: A comment I had written for the October book, Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng, was mentioned, beginning around 1:19:10.

Multiracial Family Man- The Filipino multiracial experience with novelist Lauren Lola, Ep. 87: My first time on a podcast!

Mixed Remixed Festival Podcast- Loving Day Book Club Discussion: A comment I had written for the inaugural novel, Loving Day by Mat Johnson, was read aloud, beginning around 35:05.

KollabCast- Episode 78 – The Academy & Beyond: An unpublished listicle I wrote about 10 notable newly inducted Asian American members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was referenced in this episode, to highlight the growing diversity in mainstream media.

YOMYOMF- Studio Ghibli Finally Answers SPIRTED AWAY’s Big Questions: I was mentioned in the first paragraph on how I made a point of mentioning that it’s been 15 years since Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” was released.

KollabCast- Episode 75 – Life Imitating Art: My topic suggestion on life imitating art was used in discussion for this episode.

What Inspires Your Writing?- When on this creative journey, anything’s possible

100% Mixed Show (Podcast)- #018 Casey Budd: My MIXSTORY video was briefly mentioned a few times within the first 7 1/2 minutes of this episode.

Center for Asian American Media- Top 2016 Festival Picks from the CAAMFam

KollabCast- Episode 49 – Resolutions and Coachella: My winning haiku for the Haikus With Hotties Giveaway was read aloud.


Center for Asian American Media- Best Asian American TV and Film Roles in 2015

Asians Doing Everything- Name: Lauren Lola

My Little Book Blog- A Moment’s Worth by Lauren Lola

Success Circuit- Lauren Lola- A Moment’s Worth

Success Circuit- Lauren Lola, A Moment’s Worth Review

Inspire Me With- Lauren Lola; Author, San Francisco

What Inspires Your Writing?- Short on writing inspiration? A different angle may help

Center for Asian American Media- Margaret Cho Talks About Sex: “This question is a reader submitted question- Lauren Lola asks: What do you think is the most fascinating thing about sex?”


APIA Justice Now- APIA Writers For Ferguson (Signer #161)

Maci and Zoe Read Books- A Moment’s Worth by Lauren Lola

The Best Slice of Pie- Best Slice of Lauren Lola! Check out her Interview here…

loudlysilent- Interview with Yvonne Hassett from A Moment’s Worth by Lauren Lola

The Best Slice of Pie- ‘A Moment’s Worth’ by Lauren Lola- Review

Sarah Dayan- Interview with Lauren Lola

Smashwords- Interview with Lauren Lola

Tri-City Voice- Newark author releases debut novel (online version)

loudlysilent- Interview: 4 questions with author Lauren Lola Required Reading: The Ongoing Portrayal of Asian-American Characters on ‘Glee’


The Race Card Project- I’m the future, can’t you see?

Angry Asian Man- Read These Blogs 10.20.2013


Real Interviews- Lauren Lola

Inside CSUEB News Blog- CSUEB comm student is ‘local voice’ at Newark Patch

Endpaper: The Paperblanks Blog- Lauren Lola- Writer


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