Stories, anecdotes, thoughts, and experiences about being Filipino in the world today. Delivered through voicemail messages from Long Distance listeners.

Published on Nov 27, 2019  (Episode originally released on Aug 7, 2017)

THIS FILIPINO AMERICAN LIFE is collecting any stories in the Filipino American community. Here’s a bonus episode brought to you by TFAL superfan, Lauren Lola, about her great aunt, Justita.

An author, blogger, playwright, Lauren Lola does it all! Find out how her passions for reading and family have lead her playwriting at such a young age.

A compilation of messages, fanart, covers, poetry, and love from So Weird fans to those who made the show in honor of So Weird’s 20th anniversary. Thank you for helping to create an amazing show!

And huge thank you to all of the So Weird fans who have responded and submitted materials for this project!

Happy #SoWeird20 Everybody! Keep the Faith & Never Give Up on So Weird.

“Christian high school graduate is challenged by social and peer pressure during his freshman year in a state university.”

(NOTE: Lauren is an extra in Jude Johnson’s “Freshman Year.” See if you can spot her in the trailer. ;))

“To Dust We Return” fight sequence for October’s Sci-fi cyberpunk theatrical show, “Forbidden Future(s).”

Written by Grace Burns

Directed by Judith Ferrer

Fight direction by: Raisa Donato

Performed by: Raisa Donato, Lauren Lola, Rey Lopez, Russelle Anne, Nikki Nutterfield Captured by: Chuck Lacson

@ Bindlestiff Studio, San Francisco


A trailer for Bindlestiff Studio’s “The Geek Show.” Purchase the digital download today from!

On Easter Sunday 2017 (4/16/17), Lauren’s first television interview aired on NBC, as a guest on “Asian Pacific America;” a weekly half hour talk show hosted by Robert Handa, that discusses newsmakers, events, and other unique perspectives of the Asian American community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to watch the interview.

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Lauren is an author from the Bay Area in the United States. She talks about how she prefers people asking her ‘who she is’ vs. ‘what she is.’ She also reads an excerpt from her novel.

Lauren makes a few appearances in Howard Lui’s 2015 film, “Kollaboration SF: Movement in Motion;” a feature-length documentary that explores the making of the 2013 showcase for the San Francisco chapter of  the non-profit organization, Kollaboration. To watch the whole thing, click here.