1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review

You might say that the design of my blog looks a little different now than it did yesterday.  There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, for I did just that.  I figured that after blogging for nearly a year, it would be wise to give my blog a little makeover.

This weekend, more specifically tomorrow, will mark one year since I launched Lola By The Bay, and I cannot help but gawk over how quickly time has passed.  Already I’ve come to conclusion that as you get older, time just goes by a whole lot faster than when you were younger, and I believe that when maintaining a blog that you write in on a weekly basis- and then some- a routine like that seems to move time along even faster.  It may have been a rather odd time to launch a blog right at the end of a year, but it actually works in my favor.  With the fact that this is also the last weekend for 2014, I can also do my first year in review. Continue reading “1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review”