Concealed Curtains and Talking Story

I was just re-reading a few blog posts from within the first month I started writing this blog, and I realized how two consecutive posts actually complement one another. One of them was about being open with people you may only speak with for the moment and then never see again (or at least for a long time), while the other one is about the illusions we uphold on different aspects of our identities.

The two topics complement each other, through the matters of how you can have a conversation with anyone, and however engaging and insightful it may be, there’s a chance that you may not get around to revealing too much about yourself, by choice might I add. Continue reading “Concealed Curtains and Talking Story”

Forming Friendships with Other Writers

To be a writer is not that common of a trade. It’s one that involves producing material, such as books, in a day and age when fewer people are reading in the age of developing technology. It involves a lot of solo time, crafting words, worlds and characters, all the while revising them as well. That’s why when forming friendships with other writers, it can be one of the most beautiful and potentially hazardous occurrences to happen. Continue reading “Forming Friendships with Other Writers”