Kickstarters, Anniversaries, and Reels (Oh My!)

At a glance, it’s been a minute since I’ve made several announcements at once – since the early days of the pandemic, to be precise. There’s a lot that’s going on and a lot to go over, and I’m just going to go right ahead and dive into it: Continue reading “Kickstarters, Anniversaries, and Reels (Oh My!)”


Thoughts About Debut Novels

With the one-year anniversary of the release of A Moment’s Worth next Wednesday, I’ve been thinking about debut novels as of lately.  I’ve been thinking about how meaningful they are; how they are the signifier to what one hopes to be the career of a lifetime.  It takes guts to write a novel.  To put one out there on the other hand, that’s practically a whole new level of courage.  It’s like letting the world peer at the activity that’s going on in your mind and make judgments from there.  Not to say that that isn’t the case with every novel one writes, but it’s something that’s very crucial the first time around. Continue reading “Thoughts About Debut Novels”