Roe v. Wade and the Beginning of Yet Another Fight

So… I had a plan for a topic for this week and I was really looking forward to writing about it. But following the events of yesterday, I knew I was better off saving it for another time, especially when I don’t have the spirit or energy to do so. Continue reading “Roe v. Wade and the Beginning of Yet Another Fight”


Special Sunday Post: In Honor of Cheryl Morris

Back in the 1980’s, my late editor, Cheryl Morris, and her husband Stephen, became parents.  They were one of many couples who went on to become one of many adopted families of the nearly 65,000 children from Korea that were adopted overseas during that decade.  They adopted two children- a son and a daughter- through the Holt International Children’s Services.

In Cheryl Morris’s memory, her family is asking people to donate to the agency they adopted their children from, or they could always sponsor a child through there.

Click here to head on over to the Holt International website.  To read my tribute to Cheryl Morris, click here.