Special Tuesday Post: “46” is Now Available!

One week after first announcing it, I am happy to announce that “46” is now available!

Much like all of my works, it is available as an e-book on several sights such as that of Amazon and Smashwords. More outlets will be made available in due time and once I put up a page exclusively for my short stories, I’ll be sure to update it as they appear. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: “46” is Now Available!”

Special Tuesday Post: Coming July 11th…

If you’ve been following me either on social media or this blog, then you may recall how I’ve been working on a secret project the past few months. Well, to liven up what feels like, at least to me, a very off-feeling Independence Day here in the United States, and also the fact that I will be releasing it in one week, today I’m announcing just what this secret project of mine is. It’s not a large project, but it’s an important one; not only to me, but hopefully to others, as it brings the current political climate into the center of attention, via a short story. Yes that’s right: a short story; something I haven’t released on my own since 2014 when I released “The Shadows.” Next week, on July 11th, I’m releasing a short story called “46.” Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: Coming July 11th…”

Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “A Moment’s Worth”!

If yesterday’s announcement of a little promo sale didn’t make it clear enough, then let me say now that yesterday was quite a special day. Exactly two years ago yesterday was when I released my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.

For those who don’t know what it’s about, it can be best summed up as a novel that’s more theme-driven than plot-driven. It’s about the interconnection amongst the human race, the fine line between what is real and what could be a dream, and about the value of moments in time.

designed by Lauren Lola

Continue reading “Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “A Moment’s Worth”!”

Special Wednesday Post: Happy One-Year Anniversary to “A Moment’s Worth”!

designed by Lauren Lola
designed by Lauren Lola

The concept of time flying is no joke, for it can pass by incredibly fast.  It’s a concept that comes to mind for me especially as I look back on what happened a year ago today.

Today is the one-year anniversary since the release of my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.  After a year and a half of devoting blood, sweat, and tears to the beginning of a lifelong dream of mine, it officially took off on July 15, 2014 with this particular work of mine.  For those who don’t know what it’s about, here is the synopsis for A Moment’s Worth: Continue reading “Special Wednesday Post: Happy One-Year Anniversary to “A Moment’s Worth”!”

Special Tuesday Post: The 20 Reviews Goal

With the exception of the reblogs from The Best Slice of Pie, it’s been a while since I blogged on a day other than Saturday.  However, whenever I have, it’s always with good reason.

Come next week and it will be about two months since A Moment’s Worth has been released.  To some degree, it’s been doing well.  There have been several people who have read it already and from the people who have expressed their thoughts about it (whether directly to me or in a review), it’s been all positive.  Anyone who has read it so far has really enjoyed it.

But on a general scale, it’s still not doing as well as much as I would otherwise like. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: The 20 Reviews Goal”

Special Tuesday Post: Debut Novel “A Moment’s Worth” is NOW AVAILABLE!

After all this time, after all the writing and editing and such, I am happy to announced that my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, is now available for purchase!

These are the words that I’ve been prickling to write for quite some time, and now I have every right to saw so now.  It’s with that, that July 15th will always be a special day for me now. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: Debut Novel “A Moment’s Worth” is NOW AVAILABLE!”

Special Sunday Post: “A Moment’s Worth” Is Now Up for Pre-Order!

If I were anymore excited or nervous or whatever it is that I’m feeling right now, I’d probably be “shaking like a Polaroid picture.”

So I may have mentioned before, I said I would be expanding more with the distribution of A Moment’s Worth.  While I am going to make it available on Amazon, it will also be available through other venues as well thanks to Smashwords.  For those who don’t know, Smashwords is an ebook self-publishing platform that’s been in business since 2008.  By making it available to Smashwords, my book will also be made available on venues such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobos, and many other venues as well, worldwide. Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: “A Moment’s Worth” Is Now Up for Pre-Order!”

Reflection: 1 Month (+1 Day) Since the Release of “The Shadows”

With A Moment’s Worth now being less than three weeks away from its release, it’s soon to be all that the attention will be on in my life (though it already very much is as that release date is coming up).  However, before all goes full swing into that particular work of mine, I want to look back on my first release that technically did cement the beginning of my career as an author; my short story, The Shadows.

I released The Shadows exclusively on Amazon on May 27th, which means it’s now been one month and one day since then.  It’s a fantasy story that focuses on the Council of the Sun Spirits (the shadows) and their observations of present-day humanity.  However, after one particular meeting where the Chieftain has had enough of hearing about shootings, cowardice, harm towards the environment and such, he declares a ban on the sun from appearing for the rest of time on earth.  It’s left to the rest of the council to show him how not all of humanity is like that, and shouldn’t be punished for the actions of certain individuals. Continue reading “Reflection: 1 Month (+1 Day) Since the Release of “The Shadows””

Special Sunday Post: Novel Title and Release Date REVEALED!

It’s a “side project” that I’ve been working on since late 2012.  It’s been incredibly under-wraps, so much as to where it’s only within the past three months that my peers at school are starting to find out about it.  It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but in no way would have expected getting it done this early in life.  But I feel ready to take on this dream that I’ve been working towards my entire life- and especially this past year.

It’s with that, that I want to go ahead and finally reveal the name of my mysterious novel and the day it’s going to be released.  It is called… Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: Novel Title and Release Date REVEALED!”

UPDATE: “The Shadows” is Now Available Worldwide!

As I have made evident, I’m new to the industry of independent publishing.  When I released The Shadows a few weeks ago, it was not only in attempt to release some writing of mine ahead of my debut novel’s release, but it was also as a way of testing the waters as well.  What I didn’t realize at the time of releasing it on Amazon is that I had it set on U.S.-only availability.  Since I am the author and the publisher, it turns out I have the rights to distribute it out as far wide into the world as much as possible.  It’s good that I now know, for the sake of when I release the novel.

So for those who live outside the United States and wanted to read The Shadows before but couldn’t, I sincerely apologize.  I have the links to the varying international Amazons now that I shall provide below.  If you get around to reading it at all, then I hope you enjoy it.

-Lauren Continue reading “UPDATE: “The Shadows” is Now Available Worldwide!”