Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)

Four months have passed since my previous update regarding the progress of my second novel. Last time I spoke of how progress was moving at a snail’s pace, which, as I made very clear, was not at all the speed I wanted to be going at. But due to the circumstances at the time, that pace was due to lack of feedback from the individual who was editing my work at the time.

That is why I’m so happy to say that so much has changed since then. In fact, it’s wise to note that where I’m at now, I’m actually starting to get ready for its release. Continue reading “Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)”

Pushing Molasses Along (Second Novel Status Report #5)

It’s been three months since my previous status report about the making of my second novel. Reading back on that previous update, I see how I said that I aim to make these updates more frequent as time comes along, but it’s hard to really provide anything substantiating to say when progress these days continues to move ever so slowly. Continue reading “Pushing Molasses Along (Second Novel Status Report #5)”

On the Hustle to Get Work Done (Second Novel Status Report #4)

With the fact that it’s not only a new year but also the year of the release, I figured it’s time to release another status report on my second novel. I can imagine these to appear much more frequent now than before, as we get closer and closer to the book’s release.

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Fresh Eyes, Cover Designs, Continual Inspiration, and Thinking Ahead (Second Novel Status Report #3)

Another four months has passed since I last gave a full-on update about the making of my second novel. Therefore, I believe that’s just enough time for me to write up a new one. As I look back on the progress on the novel between the previous update and now, I realize now that a lot has happened, and as you can imagine, I really like that.

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The Editing Madness

There’s a quote that one may have heard before in regards to advice in writing (that oftentimes is mistakenly accredited to Ernest Hemingway): “Write drunk, edit sober.” Depending on exactly how drunk one gets, it could take a whole lot of editing before the writing sounds like something that was written with no alcohol in the system whatsoever.

And yet to edit writing like it was written while carelessly under the influence is a normal part of writing anyway. To publish something without looking over, even a few times, is the most careless thing one could do. Even with this blog post- as I do with all my blog posts- I looked over it a couple times, to make sure it sounds readable, that there are no grammar errors, and if there are any parts of it that I could strengthen, before releasing it to the public for all to see. Continue reading “The Editing Madness”

From Writing to Editing (Second Novel Status Report #2)

It’s been four months since I made the first update regarding progress on my second novel.  Since then I’ve mentioned it briefly here and there, without going too in-depth on the process.  However, I feel that enough time has passed now that I found it appropriate to write up another update.  Besides, since my first update, I’ve transitioned to a new stage in the process.

A little over two weeks ago, I finished the rough draft of the second novel.  It took a little over six months to write it (which is a shorter period of time than when I wrote A Moment’s Worth), and maybe the cool thing about it is it’s longer as well.  Since then, I’ve begun the editing process.  At the moment, I’m going through it myself and making edits.  I already knew ahead of time that there would be things I would want to change in the manuscript, and so now I’m taking the time to do so.

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