In the World of Solarpunk: Recommended Reading

With a busy weekend ahead, I figured that now is just as good of a time to bring to you the first Recommended Analyzing piece of the year. While I normally tend to recommend material to check out that came out fairly recently, the article that I will be recommending today was actually published a year ago. It’s just that someone I know brought it to my attention recently, and the content was so captivating, that I knew I had to write something about it. Continue reading “In the World of Solarpunk: Recommended Reading”

Thoughts About Writing Outside of Your Element

There is no one true “master” at writing, for it is a practice where one is, or at least should be, constantly learning, growing, and improving. One way of doing so is by testing the boundaries and see if you’re able to overcome them, as a mental and creative exercise for yourself. In other words, writing outside of your element is a key methodology to becoming stronger and better as a writer.

What do I mean by writing outside of your element exactly? Well, in my mind, this can be interpreted in several ways. Continue reading “Thoughts About Writing Outside of Your Element”

In the Scheme of Genres

Returning back to the front of books for today, genres are what’s presently on my mind. There are so many books out there; each of them are different in their own way by many means, and one of those aspects is that they each fall under a particular genre (or genres).

Genres are part of what helps a book tell a story, especially in regards to what kind of elements it contains in it. Perhaps it’s set in a world where both science and magic co-exist. Maybe the story takes place during a significant part of history, but made up with fictional characters. There are also cases where the story is on the development of the love between two people. Other times, a murder has happened and the mystery behind who did it and why needs to be solved. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading “In the Scheme of Genres”