Thoughts About the Reception of Indie Authors

As the market for e-publishing and easy access to doing so independently is constantly emerging in today’s age, it’s hard to for people to consider any inequality of any sorts when really us indie authors have the upper advantage over authors who are signed to a publishing house.  We have more control over the content of our books, we have control over its distribution, we get to keep more of the money that’s made from it, etc.  However, based on my observations throughout the past few months of being an indie author, there are also some negative side effects that come with being an indie author that’s more so of how we’re viewed and received by the general public, in comparison to our not-so-indie counterparts. Continue reading “Thoughts About the Reception of Indie Authors”


Special Tuesday Post: The 20 Reviews Goal

With the exception of the reblogs from The Best Slice of Pie, it’s been a while since I blogged on a day other than Saturday.  However, whenever I have, it’s always with good reason.

Come next week and it will be about two months since A Moment’s Worth has been released.  To some degree, it’s been doing well.  There have been several people who have read it already and from the people who have expressed their thoughts about it (whether directly to me or in a review), it’s been all positive.  Anyone who has read it so far has really enjoyed it.

But on a general scale, it’s still not doing as well as much as I would otherwise like. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: The 20 Reviews Goal”

8 Questions for Sarah Dayan

Today I’m taking a little breather from talking about A Moment’s Worth and am, instead, providing the next interview of my interview series.  Two weeks prior to the release of my book, indie author Sarah Dayan celebrated a similar accomplishment when her debut novel, Greater Than the Still, became available for purchase.  Today, we will learn a bit more about the making of the novel, as well as her journey as a writer.

To give a bit of background info about her, Sarah Dayan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she still resides to this day.  She is incredibly well-traveled, and has written about many of the places she’s been to for Toonari Post.  Other hobbies of hers include playing the piano and guitar, photography, and giving in to her sweet tooth.  You can learn more about her on her website and you can follow her on Twitter.  Be sure to also like the Facebook page for Greater Than the Still as well.

photo provided by Sarah Dayan
photo provided by Sarah Dayan

Continue reading “8 Questions for Sarah Dayan”