Articles vs. Transcripts

Without going into context, let’s just say that you’re going to start seeing a lot more interview-based pieces written by me make appearances online over the next few weeks. If you’ve read any of my feature pieces I’ve written in the past, then you might see how I’ve had experience in both writing them in an article-styled format and in a transcript format. For these several feature pieces I have lined up, all of them have been written in the article style. Continue reading “Articles vs. Transcripts”


The Causes and Effects of Storytelling in Journalism

I’ve been prone to talking about different forms of storytelling on this blog; even in ways that maybe one hadn’t considered before.  From books to movies and even personal narratives, I always strive to showcase the effect such different mechanisms of storytelling can have on people.  But there’s a form that I haven’t discussed yet that perhaps may oftentimes be overlooked by the mixed reception it more or less gets; and that is the mechanism of journalism; the profession of collecting a wide variety of information and sources on an event that’s happened or is taking place and then sharing them with an audience.  Being someone who has studied journalism in college, this is a form of storytelling that I’ve been wanting to touch upon for a while, but I’ve wanted to wait for the right time.  After looking over the events that have happened this past week, I think it’s fair to say that the appropriate time has come. Continue reading “The Causes and Effects of Storytelling in Journalism”