About the Journals

It’s time I mention the avenue of writing that I’ve otherwise hardly touched upon in the past: the avenue of writing in a journal.

I think that we may have all- at least- attempted to keep a journal at least once in our lives.  I think we’ve all been exposed to the idea of being able to hash out all that’s on our minds into a safe space where we can’t be judged and be allowed to let us be.  But then I think of how people come to realize how exhausting of a task that might be, especially if they’re either a. not adamant writers and/or b. don’t feel comfortable with being genuinely honest with themselves at least once a day.  I think it’s with those possibilities in mind that the art of journal writing has become a dying art in today’s age- especially with all the technology we have that supposedly makes up for the otherwise therapeutic needs we have. Continue reading “About the Journals”