The Coming and Consulting of “Jemini” – A “Lumpia with a Vengeance” Spin-Off Comic

Okay, so here’s something a little different, but also pretty fun, and the best part is that this marks a first for me. So check this out: Continue reading “The Coming and Consulting of “Jemini” – A “Lumpia with a Vengeance” Spin-Off Comic”


What Did I Miss? (May 20th-26th)

Published Works

From Homemade Beginnings to a Vengeful Return: 15 Years of LUMPIA – For YOMYOMF, I interview director Patricio Ginelsa Jr. on the making of his debut film, and how that same spirit continues on in its upcoming sequel.

Director Alex Bocchieri on Commemorating the 442nd Infantry Regiment in New Feature Film – For YOMYOMF, I interview the director of “Go For Broke: An Origin Story” on how he got involved in this project, making the transition from directing documentaries to a narrative, and how the state and community of Hawaii helped make this film happen.


YOMYOMF Blockbuster Showdown: SOLO, A STAR WARS STORY – The Offenders and I discuss our thoughts on the second “Star Wars” standalone film. SPOILER ALERT for those who have not seen it yet.