What Did I Miss?: October 2018

Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve all been doing well since I announced my hiatus. While you’re receiving this message now, I’m actually writing it out a few weeks in advance, and I can imagine that I’m really benefiting from this time away from the blog.

In any case, as mentioned in my hiatus announcement, starting this month and going forward, I’m having these “What Did I Miss?” posts appear on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis. While I think I was wise in starting these series of posts last year, I’m not sure if a weekly basis is really the best schedule for it, for there are times where the list is very short – like, one item short. So I think releasing them all in one post covering an entire month will be a lot more sufficient going forward, and I hope you think so too.

In which case, here is what you missed for the month of October: Continue reading “What Did I Miss?: October 2018”

New Chapters on Page and in Life: Recommended Reading

With a busy weekend ahead for me, I felt that it’s time for the monthly Recommended Analyzing piece.  The material I am recommending today is quite a special one, as it is a touching meditation on two beginnings 1. the life of a new book out in the world and 2. the life of parenthood. Continue reading “New Chapters on Page and in Life: Recommended Reading”