Recommended Listening… and Remembering

Traditionally on the first Saturday of May, I would hone in on the fact that it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and tie that in to my continually growing thoughts about portrayal of Asian American characters and narratives in literature. While that was the intended plan for today’s post, after what has happened this week, it just doesn’t feel right (and I’m not just talking about the sh** storm the GOP party continues to stir). Continue reading “Recommended Listening… and Remembering”

Thoughts About Music By Way of Poetry

We are at the end of April now, and so naturally, National Poetry Month is simultaneously wrapping up. Apart from occasional haikus and features about various poets, for whatever reason, there hasn’t been a lot regarding this month-long celebration that has popped up on my radar. Whether that be because of everything that’s been going on for me this month, the political climate, or something else entirely, I don’t know. However, I do want to take a minute to appreciate that value of this month’s focus, and link it to its unique relationship with another medium with a kindred spirit: music. Continue reading “Thoughts About Music By Way of Poetry”

Openness to Collaborations in 2017

With the year winding down to a close now, I look ahead at the coming year in terms of how I go forward as a writer. With the fact that I released An Absolute Mind so late in the year, I’ve made it very clear that I will be promoting it as much as possible throughout the coming year; especially with the kind of administration the United States is about to obtain. I also know that work will be going into my third novel, which, as of last month, I’m proud to say I’ve started jotting down notes for.

However, what else is there to do as a writer? While I also plan to continue my weekly blog posts here, as well as my writing contributions on other sites, I want to do more. I look to a listicle I had put together back in January about three things I want to do as an author, and there’s one thing in particular that I really want to go after. This coming year, I would very much like to take part in more collaborations. Continue reading “Openness to Collaborations in 2017”

Storytelling in Film Scores

Note: For those who actually take notice of the activity that goes on on this blog, you may have noticed how I didn’t post my weekly blog post yesterday. My laptop has been undergoing repairs and updates throughout this past week, and that’s even included uninstalling and deleting documents and programs employees at the repair place it was brought to stupidly put on here. So naturally, I had virtually no access to my blog. But all is fine with my laptop now after the additional defragmentations, upgrades, patches and scans it went through, and so while it’s still the weekend, I’m making up for lost time with a topic that’s long since overdue. Continue reading “Storytelling in Film Scores”

Shakespeare x Prince: Recommended Viewing

It really doesn’t seem right to write about anything else, given the significance and events of these past few days. Today is the 400th anniversary since renowned English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare passed away. Two days ago, Prince died.

I have my thoughts and feelings about both of these individuals. For Prince, the loss of him is definitely more hard hitting for me than when David Bowie died three months ago. Prince’s music is, what I call, “childhood sound.” I heard his music a lot when I was little, without really realizing at the time what an influential artist he was. Knowing that he’s gone now is something I still find hard to grasp, for it feels more like he disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and no one has bothered to send out a search for him. Continue reading “Shakespeare x Prince: Recommended Viewing”

On the Songwriting Mojo

Throughout this past month, I’ve been taking an online course in songwriting.  While this is part of my attempt to continue getting an education of some sort without having to be formally enrolled in an institute, this is conveniently enough something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

Songwriting is something I’ve been interested in for quite some time now.  Already I’m able to adapt and write in a wide variety of forms (such as novel writing, short story writing, journalism-based writing, poetry, etc.).  I’ve always been told that if you can write poetry, then one can just as well pick up on songwriting.  That and the fact that I do have a bit of a background in music makes it a bit easier too. Continue reading “On the Songwriting Mojo”

UPDATE: It’s called “Lost Boys”!

This is another one of those cases where I wasn’t planning to write today.  However, after making a particular discovery a few minutes ago, I felt the need to share it.

About two weeks ago, I provided commentary on my recently released short story, “The Waiting Game,” and in the commentary, I talked about how one of the inspirations for it was a song by Lorde that was never released on her debut album.  For a while, from the bit that could be heard in the video clip, many fans would simply called the track “Hospital.”  Well, recently she released a sound bite from the same song on her blog, as well as revealing the name.  It’s called “Lost Boys.”  According to Lorde, she had recorded it during a session in March 2013 but then completely forgot about it until she was going through her archives recently.

I got super excited as soon as I heard it, which is why I felt the need to do a quick write-up on it.  If you want to hear the sound clip, you can click here to go check it out.

Thank you and I’ll be back on Saturday for my regular weekly blog post.


A Brief Commentary on “The Waiting Game”

So in case you didn’t already know or see, last Sunday I was the subject of the Spotlight Sunday feature on Zealous Scripts.  I participated in an interview and I also provided a short story to accompany it called “The Waiting Game.”  It’s a story about a gay man who finds out his boyfriend has been taken to a hospital on account of being found unconscious following a possible mugging, and while he deals with the worry and stress, his roommate comforts him in the most unlikely of ways.

As it’s become a tradition on this blog to provide a commentary of some type whenever I release such works- such as what I did for “The Shadows” and A Moment’s Worth– I figured it be wisest to continue it and provide some background info on how I came up with “The Waiting Game.”  This commentary will likely be a little more informal than previous ones, just to give you a heads up now.  Also, as always, be careful for spoilers if you haven’t read it yet.

created by Lauren Lola
created by Lauren Lola

Continue reading “A Brief Commentary on “The Waiting Game””