Telling My Story for Video: Recommended Viewing

After going back and forth on whether or not this would be too self serving, I ultimately decided to go ahead and make the following video the focus for this month’s Recommended Analyzing piece. For those who don’t know, I am the latest subject for the Spotlight series from TFCU; a branch of The Filipino Channel that focuses its efforts on reaching out to and encouraging Filipino American college students to go after their aspirations and goals in life. In the video, I talk at length about my work as an author, blogger, playwright, and screenwriter.

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4 Years of Lola By the Bay/ 2017 Year in Review

I don’t know about anyone else, but this year came and went uneasily fast. Now it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for everything that has happened throughout the past eleven months, and it also doesn’t help that I just generally feel exhausted and not myself at this time of year. But with the fact that not only is the year about to close out, but also that two days ago marked four years since the establishment of this blog, it’s only right that I close the year out with my annual year in review. Continue reading “4 Years of Lola By the Bay/ 2017 Year in Review”

Finding the Point of the Story

There a lot of how-to books when it comes to creative writing, and for those who take lessons and value away from them make for the ultimate handy guides.

In one of these books recently, my dad came across something one author made when it comes to developing the story. What the author said was that before putting pen to paper, the writer must have an awareness for just what the point of the story is; the “why” or the “so what?” if you will. My dad relayed this information to me, followed by the question as to whether or not if I, as an author, believe it to be true. I didn’t have to think too hard about it at the time, as I immediately answered with no. While I gave a brief reasoning as to why I think that then, I now want to take this opportunity to elaborate on that. Continue reading “Finding the Point of the Story”

3 Years of Lola By The Bay/2016 Year in Review

Another year has come and gone, both in terms of the ongoing lifespan on this blog and the Gregorian calendar. Naturally I’ve changed the appearance of the blog once more, giving it a fresh look after such a year as this. Three days ago marked three years since the establishment of this blog; and so on this last day of 2016, I honor that, as well as the events and writings of the past eleven months, with my annual year in review. Continue reading “3 Years of Lola By The Bay/2016 Year in Review”

Consumerism and Storytelling at San Diego Comic-Con

A week ago, the annual San Diego Comic-Con was going on, and this year was my first year in attendance. From numerous panels (some that sound so good, that you’d need a Time Turner to attend them all due to some of them overlapping), to the thousands of booths, to jousting demos and over-the-top cosplay, it was the ultimate gathering of the nerds. It was an experience in itself which even involved me cosplaying on a few of the days, but what racked my brain at times was the high power of consumerism going on, how the stories of these franchises appeared to be buried underneath that, and also how generally speaking, there wasn’t a lot provided that appealed to my own interests. Continue reading “Consumerism and Storytelling at San Diego Comic-Con”

Of Guns and Pens

I can imagine this post to be a bit rambly, as I try to make sense of all that happened last weekend. Already from my previous post, there was a small mentioning of what would eventually become one of the worst weekends ever. I don’t expect to find any resolution of any sort, let alone a silver lining. I just want to explain and analyze from there.

Last weekend was one that I was originally looking forward to, and for two reasons: 1. The red egg and ginger party for my dad’s friend’s new grandson was held (and for those who don’t know what a red egg and ginger party is, you can read about it here) and 2. I got to participate in an event for Barnes & Noble for my very first time. Continue reading “Of Guns and Pens”

2 Years of Lola By The Bay/2015 Year in Review

As you can see in terms of establishing a tradition, the appearance of my blog has changed once more. After sticking with the same look for the past year, I figured that it’s time to change it up a little. This is, of course, in celebration of two things. Two days from now will mark two years since I officially launched Lola By The Bay, and today is the last regularly scheduled weekly blog post for 2015. I look back on my recap from a year ago, and I see now how I was somewhat fresh from a year being active in the blogosphere and still in a state of making my way.

This past year of the blog has definitely been far more different. Since I didn’t release a book this year, I had to compensate for that with the topics I chose from week to week. This past year in general has been quite different, and not exactly in a good way. Let me run it through now with my annual year in review. Continue reading “2 Years of Lola By The Bay/2015 Year in Review”

What would you like to see?

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through the year already.  What I also find hard to believe is that it’s already been a year and a half since starting up this blog.  I went into this with relatively not very helpful advice from other bloggers and from there, I’ve been able to carve out my own path as a blogger.  My blog is- aside from discussing my own writing- devoted to discussing storytelling and the writing process.  Whether I’m interviewing a fellow writer or sharing my thoughts about the latest movie, to pondering over writers and their relationships with cafes and my creative influences, I always strive to stick to the core theme of storytelling and the various shapes and forms it takes. Continue reading “What would you like to see?”

1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review

You might say that the design of my blog looks a little different now than it did yesterday.  There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, for I did just that.  I figured that after blogging for nearly a year, it would be wise to give my blog a little makeover.

This weekend, more specifically tomorrow, will mark one year since I launched Lola By The Bay, and I cannot help but gawk over how quickly time has passed.  Already I’ve come to conclusion that as you get older, time just goes by a whole lot faster than when you were younger, and I believe that when maintaining a blog that you write in on a weekly basis- and then some- a routine like that seems to move time along even faster.  It may have been a rather odd time to launch a blog right at the end of a year, but it actually works in my favor.  With the fact that this is also the last weekend for 2014, I can also do my first year in review. Continue reading “1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review”

Best Slice of Lauren Lola! Check out her Interview here…

A few weeks ago, The Best Slice of Pie posted this amazing review of my debut novel, “A Moment’s Worth.” Now, they have their interview they did with me up online. Check it out!



Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Lauren Lola. I’m 22-years-old and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I’m a student at California State University, East Bay where I’ll be completing my major in Communication and minor in Theatre this fall. A Moment’s Worth is my debut novel.

We were all wondering which came first, the quote at the beginning or did you write the story and then tie it in with the book.

The book came first, more specifically a chapter; that chapter being Chapter 10: More Than Stars. I originally entered that in a writing competition about two years ago, and it was around that time that I was sort of released from this creative block that I had been dealing with for quite some time by then.

Suddenly all these ideas started coming to me as I went forward with writing this…

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