Stop Asian Hate: Required Action

I took last week off from blogging to deal with the grief, stress, anger, and fear I’ve been following the hate crime in Atlanta. Yes, unlike the police department that has failed in so many ways with handling the crime, I’m referring to it as what it is: a hate crime. Continue reading “Stop Asian Hate: Required Action”


Racism is a Virus Part II: REQUIRED Research

As disgusted as I am that we’re nearly a year into this pandemic, I’m even more so at the ongoing attacks against the Asian American community. While xenophobia towards Asian Americans is nothing new in this country, there’s been a spike in attacks over the past year in response to the surge of COVID-19 cases. From March 19th-December 31st of last year, Stop AAPI Hate had 2,808 reports of hate crimes collected (a thorough breakdown of this data can be found here). Continue reading “Racism is a Virus Part II: REQUIRED Research”