From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading

It’s been a crummy week for the world. While no mass shootings or terrorist attacks have happened at all this week, it’s hard to ignore the scarily common occurrence of seasoned entertainers passing away from cancer (some of whom having kept a tight lip about). With the sudden loss of so many people this week- for me, in particular, Alan Rickman on Thursday- I’m finding it difficult this week to summon the proper energy to write on the topic that was originally scheduled for today. Continue reading “From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading”

Writing For/Against the Masses

A few months ago, I briefly encountered an aspiring writer. Getting into a little conversation, he explained to me how he was previously working on a science fiction novel. While it wasn’t perfectly structured as he made it clear to see, the story and key elements made it interesting enough where it sounded really unique and unlike other science fiction stories I had previously heard. He said how he had set it aside for the time being and is currently working on something that was more so for the masses.

I couldn’t help feel a little discouraged when I heard that last part. While he didn’t say he was giving up on his science fiction novel completely, the fact he was working on something that, genre-speaking, would be more popular was almost like hearing someone surrender. Much like TV shows, movies, and music, particular themes and genres are fashion from time to time in the world of books as well, and going against them can effect your readership to a certain extent. Continue reading “Writing For/Against the Masses”

Special Sunday Post: Book Tag- Would you rather?

As I’ve stressed time after time again, in order to write, you must read.  I already maintain that in my own time when not writing and it’s not only a mental exercise for me, but also a pleasure and an adamant hobby of mine.  Not that long ago, Lizzy of My Little Book Blog posted a “would you rather” scenario regarding what books one would read and occupations one would pursue in relation to books.  I know I rarely to personality-esque quizzes like this on here, but this looked interesting to do and I decided to do it on my own blog.  Check out my take on it and feel free to to do it yourself on your blog.

-Lauren Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: Book Tag- Would you rather?”

Special Friday Post: The Wind-Up Books Chronicle

So this has been in the making for only a short period of time, but it’s now online and I figured it be worth mentioning now.

I am now a blogger for a newly established book blog called The Wind-Up Books Chronicle (and yes, the title is a head nod to Haruki Murakami’s novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle).  Together with bloggers Draven Katayama (a.k.a. loudlysilent) and Lilith Wood, we will be reviewing books that we will have read that we love, like, or warn you to avoid.  Also, every few months or so, we will read the same book at the same time, and give our thoughts about it together. Continue reading “Special Friday Post: The Wind-Up Books Chronicle”

Thoughts About Reading

Tweets tend to take up 140 characters or less.  A status on Facebook can vary in length, but for the most part are relatively short, sweet, and to the point.  A newspaper article that’s not a high profile piece or a lengthy human interest story are otherwise 300-500 words long and written at a 5th or 6th grade reading level.

We’ve become so good at making reading-related content easy to soak up in this day and age.

But then there’s the case of books, whether electronically produced or traditionally hardcover-bounded, where it’s the riskiest of all of losing audience, not because of its content, but because of its quantity.  For a book to be considered a novel, it has to be 40,000 words or more… and whether that be a Harry Potter book one is dealing with (no, it doesn’t matter which one) or Haruki Murakami’s 1,157-paged novel 1Q84, for many people nowadays, it’s considered to be a challenge that people are more or less willing to tackle. Continue reading “Thoughts About Reading”