Writing in Cafes

Back over the winter, when I met with a friend of mine who was visiting from LA, I remember him saying something that has stuck with me since then.  It didn’t have an overly deep meaning in it or anything like that.  If anything, it was very casual; both in delivery and context.  He said that he wanted to write something in a cafe; he didn’t know what specifically, he just knew that he wanted to write something, within the setting of brewing coffee and free Wifi.  I forgot what we were discussing that led to him saying that.  Perhaps it was our meeting space within the environment of a Philz Coffee cafe that got to us, or perhaps it was his curiosity over A Moment’s Worth in which had been out in the world for a little over five months then. Continue reading “Writing in Cafes”

Reflection: 6 Months (+2 Days) Since the Release of “A Moment’s Worth”

I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  I can’t believe it’s been six months since the release of my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.  As I gaze upon every single one of the pages where it can be purchased, I think of how much time has passed since that faithful summer day.  It feels like a long time ago, but at the same time, it doesn’t.

Since the day of its release, not a whole lot has changed in my life.  I’m nowhere near famous, so I’m not being stalked or anything creepy of that capacity.  I can still go out and about and no one will do the double take in my direction- and in many ways, that’s a relief.  I can still be normal.  But, as recapped on several times before on my blog, the continual marketing for the book remains to be a challenge. Continue reading “Reflection: 6 Months (+2 Days) Since the Release of “A Moment’s Worth””

Special Tuesday Post: loudlysilent’s “Varsity On Top” Starts Today!

It’s my first off-schedule blog post for the year, and for a good reason.  I figured I take the time to announce the project of a good friend of mine.

There have been times in the past where I would bring up my friend and fellow blogger, loudlysilent.  Well as of today, he is going beyond the path of blog posts and is taking on a grand endeavor into the fiction world.  Starting today, he will release one chapter every Tuesday of his new YA novella, “Varsity On Top.”  Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: loudlysilent’s “Varsity On Top” Starts Today!”

The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached

Pretty much since the day I finished college last month, many people have been asking me how it feels to no longer be in college.  For a while now, I didn’t really have an answer, seeing that I knew my (now) alma mater was on Winter Break for the past three weeks, so no one was in school then.  But now that’s no longer the case.  A new quarter started back up there this past week, and I can now confirm that it felt awfully strange not being there for classes.

I guess you can say that this past week marked Phase 1 of my transition to my post-undergrad life.  It was my first time not having to go to school in nearly 20 years.  While relatively chill, I did get to experience the freedoms I’ve otherwise tasted only so little of before.  This was especially accommodating towards my life as a writer.  I guess you can say- primarily this week anyway- that I was acting as a full-time writer. Continue reading “The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached”

My Not-So Secretive Secret

Once you post something online, it’s there for the world to see.  While that may sound kind of scary, really it’s all about finding and searching the correct key terms before you’re discovered.  On the other hand, it also helps to share via word of mouth.  That definitely saves a lot of time when sharing something that’s on the extensive, content-filled world of the Internet.

A Moment’s Worth has been available to the world for four months now, and while a certain number of people at my school know about it (simply because they’ve been told directly), other than that, a majority of the campus doesn’t know.  I’m taking five classes during this last quarter of school and out of all of my professors, only one of them knows that I’m a published author.  The weird part?  I wasn’t even the one who told him.  It was a friend of mine who did.  This professor’s response: “And you’re Doctor who?”  (I’m not going to lie, it was a bit flattering to see how stunned he was.)  Continue reading “My Not-So Secretive Secret”

Behind the Moments: Language and Other Wording

In honor of the three months since A Moment’s Worth came out, for the month of October, I shall be doing a series where I reveal some background history of the novel each week.  I might include some content that may contain spoilers, so be careful when reading if you haven’t already read the book yet.  I hope you enjoy.

If you had read my author’s commentary that I had done about “The Shadows,” then you may remember how I took time to talk about how and why I incorporated bits of the Portuguese language into it.  You may also recall me saying that I did a little bit of that with A Moment’s Worth too, which is what I’m taking the time to talk about and expand upon now. Continue reading “Behind the Moments: Language and Other Wording”

Thoughts About the Reception of Indie Authors

As the market for e-publishing and easy access to doing so independently is constantly emerging in today’s age, it’s hard to for people to consider any inequality of any sorts when really us indie authors have the upper advantage over authors who are signed to a publishing house.  We have more control over the content of our books, we have control over its distribution, we get to keep more of the money that’s made from it, etc.  However, based on my observations throughout the past few months of being an indie author, there are also some negative side effects that come with being an indie author that’s more so of how we’re viewed and received by the general public, in comparison to our not-so-indie counterparts. Continue reading “Thoughts About the Reception of Indie Authors”

Thoughts About Reading

Tweets tend to take up 140 characters or less.  A status on Facebook can vary in length, but for the most part are relatively short, sweet, and to the point.  A newspaper article that’s not a high profile piece or a lengthy human interest story are otherwise 300-500 words long and written at a 5th or 6th grade reading level.

We’ve become so good at making reading-related content easy to soak up in this day and age.

But then there’s the case of books, whether electronically produced or traditionally hardcover-bounded, where it’s the riskiest of all of losing audience, not because of its content, but because of its quantity.  For a book to be considered a novel, it has to be 40,000 words or more… and whether that be a Harry Potter book one is dealing with (no, it doesn’t matter which one) or Haruki Murakami’s 1,157-paged novel 1Q84, for many people nowadays, it’s considered to be a challenge that people are more or less willing to tackle. Continue reading “Thoughts About Reading”


I know this is a little off-topic from the subject matter that I usually blog about, but after hearing and/or playing witness to a lot of negative events happening in our country, abroad, and even, as of a few days ago, in my personal life, I feel that I should take on this subject that Aretha Franklin once sang about back in the 60’s that became an ultimate hit.  Let’s talk about RESPECT. Continue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

The Blog You Write After Your Novel Is Published

My feet are sore on all pressure points from standing non-stop for three and a half hours today.  I figured that in celebration of releasing A  Moment’s Worth, I should treat myself to a nice bowl of ramen at the first ever Ramen Festival in San Francisco’s Japantown.  Little did I realize how long I would wind up waiting, and I don’t remember if I genuinely liked it or not, because I was starving at that point.  The struggle was real, but the intent of the celebration was worth it.  I had published a novel.

The early morning hours of July 15th... Photo by Lauren Lola
The early morning hours of July 15th… Photo by Lauren Lola

Continue reading “The Blog You Write After Your Novel Is Published”