Special Tuesday Post: Debut Novel “A Moment’s Worth” is NOW AVAILABLE!

After all this time, after all the writing and editing and such, I am happy to announced that my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, is now available for purchase!

These are the words that I’ve been prickling to write for quite some time, and now I have every right to saw so now.  It’s with that, that July 15th will always be a special day for me now. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: Debut Novel “A Moment’s Worth” is NOW AVAILABLE!”

Final Thoughts Before AMW Part 1 of 2: Feelings in the Brain

I always knew that I would be writing down this particular blog post the weekend before the release of my book.  I just can’t believe that weekend has arrived.

I have three days left before A Moment’s Worth is released to the world. Continue reading “Final Thoughts Before AMW Part 1 of 2: Feelings in the Brain”

Special Sunday Post: Recurring Themes to Know Before Reading AMW

I have a little over a week before A Moment’s Worth becomes available.  Within the past several months leading up the occasion, there have been days where I would dedicate my weekly post to discussing a theme, my observations in how it  plays out in literature (and sometimes in real life), and how it will be incorporated into my book.  However, not everyone who is reading my blog now may have not been reading it at the time when some of these previous posts were written, or perhaps missed out on it somehow.  So before AMW is released, I thought I take this time to provide for you all links to those various posts to read up on, in preparation for the book.  All the links will be listed below for you to take the time to look through them.


-Lauren Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: Recurring Themes to Know Before Reading AMW”

Thoughts About Identifying As An Author

“So, we have a real live author for you guys.”

Those were the words (or a statement that was something along those lines anyway) that my editor said when she introduced me before an audience of high school juniors and seniors at the continuation school she volunteers at.  About a month ago, she had the students enrolled in the drama class put on a stage adaptation (with my permission, of course) of one of the chapters from A Moment’s Worth.  I was there in attendance, only to follow up afterwards by partaking in a three-minute Q&A session.

It’s that statement that gets to me, and maybe it even got to some of the students as well; that I was identified as an author, a real live author.  For me, that’s a weird thing to process.  The title of “author” has always sounded really pro to me; like a title given to those who are high up on a non-existing caste system.  Not to mention that while the title is often used for those who produce written content- in particular books- the general definition of an author is anyone who is the maker/creator/originator of  anything. Continue reading “Thoughts About Identifying As An Author”

Special Sunday Post: “A Moment’s Worth” Is Now Up for Pre-Order!

If I were anymore excited or nervous or whatever it is that I’m feeling right now, I’d probably be “shaking like a Polaroid picture.”

So I may have mentioned before, I said I would be expanding more with the distribution of A Moment’s Worth.  While I am going to make it available on Amazon, it will also be available through other venues as well thanks to Smashwords.  For those who don’t know, Smashwords is an ebook self-publishing platform that’s been in business since 2008.  By making it available to Smashwords, my book will also be made available on venues such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobos, and many other venues as well, worldwide. Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: “A Moment’s Worth” Is Now Up for Pre-Order!”

What I Walked For When I Walked at Graduation

My school does things a little weird.  While some colleges may have graduation ceremonies twice a year, mine on the other hand is one of those where there is only one graduate ceremony and only one undergraduate ceremony.  On top of that, my school is on the quarter system, so whether if you graduated in the fall or winter, the commencement ceremonies will always take place in the spring.

It’s with that in mind that I’d like to note that even though I got to walk in a cap and gown as one of about 4,000 students who walked this morning at my school, I haven’t officially graduated yet.  I’m taking a five-week class during the summer and in the fall, I have my remaining classes to take as an undergrad.  So the reality is, I actually will be completing my degree- and my minor- later in the year. Continue reading “What I Walked For When I Walked at Graduation”