Storytelling from the State of Detachment

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie or TV show where you walked away from it with tears in your eyes and the cause was a moving or heart-wrenching scene? I’m sure many people can attest to that; and when I mean by many, I definitely mean most people. And yes, I’ve definitely heard the phrase more often than not how “If that scene where [such and such happened] didn’t make you cry, then you have no soul.” Well… I guess in that case, I have quite a ball to drop.

I rarely cry at such scenes as the ones described. I’m like a rock in those case scenarios. Seriously, you could put the beginning from the movie, “Up,” on repeat and I still wouldn’t shed a tear. I could read the blood bath scene in The Hunger Games without struggle. Honestly, the only thing that has ever made me tear up is Isao Takahata’s film, “Grave of the Fireflies.” Other than that, I really do not get emotionally involved when it comes to the various mediums of storytelling. Why you wonder, as you ponder whether I really am that heartless? That’s primarily because when in storytelling, whether if it’s absorbing someone else’s story or telling one myself, I’m always in this state of detachment. Continue reading “Storytelling from the State of Detachment”

Return of the Heroes in “Heroes Reborn”

Throughout the year, I’ve been making the effort to explore the methods of storytelling beyond the text found in books. Naturally, television and movies are other- and more often than not, more popular- avenues of doing so, which is why I take the time to explore each story of either medium, and always at a significant time in its history (i.e. series premiere, series finale, film release, anniversary of a release, etc.). Previously, I shared my thoughts about Disney movies and about four of them that I saw over the course of four weeks as part of the Disney Screen program. Today, I return to the television front as I zoom on a mini-series that premiered back on Thursday evening: “Heroes Reborn.” Continue reading “Return of the Heroes in “Heroes Reborn””

Thoughts About Storytelling for the Stage

Storytelling can come in a wide variety of forms. Apart from the common mechanism of telling stories through written words, I’ve taken the time to step outside that realm and really take a look at how narratives are done in other mediums; including movies, television, and even in journalism. However, one that I haven’t touched upon yet- that I find surprising to not have tackled earlier- is how storytelling can go about when performed on a stage for a live audience; complete with costumes, makeup, lighting, blocking, acting, and in the cases of musicals and operas, songs and choreography. Yes. Today, it’s all about storytelling in plays and musical theatre.

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The Causes and Effects of Storytelling in Journalism

I’ve been prone to talking about different forms of storytelling on this blog; even in ways that maybe one hadn’t considered before.  From books to movies and even personal narratives, I always strive to showcase the effect such different mechanisms of storytelling can have on people.  But there’s a form that I haven’t discussed yet that perhaps may oftentimes be overlooked by the mixed reception it more or less gets; and that is the mechanism of journalism; the profession of collecting a wide variety of information and sources on an event that’s happened or is taking place and then sharing them with an audience.  Being someone who has studied journalism in college, this is a form of storytelling that I’ve been wanting to touch upon for a while, but I’ve wanted to wait for the right time.  After looking over the events that have happened this past week, I think it’s fair to say that the appropriate time has come. Continue reading “The Causes and Effects of Storytelling in Journalism”

Thoughts About Disney/4 Weeks of Disney Movies

Earlier in the year, I made the decision to periodically devote a post to a television show or movie when it hits a significant event in its history (i.e. series premiere, series finale, film release, anniversary of a release, etc.).  Much like books, these mediums just as effectively provide the power of storytelling themselves, and I find it wisest to explore that aspect of them.  Previously, I gave my input on the latest Disney and Pixar creation, “Inside Out.” Today’s scenario will be a little different, for not only will I provide my thoughts about Disney itself, but also my thoughts about four films I will be seeing from its Disney Screen event that’s currently taking place in select movie theaters. Continue reading “Thoughts About Disney/4 Weeks of Disney Movies”

Quality Over Quantity

“Quality over quantity.”  It’s a phrase we’ve all heard at some point or another, that has a very specific and important meaning.  Just because you do or create a lot of something, doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s a good thing, for quality is always a key factor… and this especially goes hand-in-hand when it comes to books.

I remember making this observation to my mom about a month or so ago about how books these days appear to be getting longer and longer (ironically at a time when people aren’t reading as much for fun), whereas books like the ones we were forced to read in high school English classes were actually pretty short.  She had never thought of it that way until I brought it up to her then, and mentioned how I make a good point. Continue reading “Quality Over Quantity”

In Celebration of the Magical J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Yesterday was July 31st.  While everyone knows it to be simply as the last day of July, for certain others, it also marks a different kind of occasion; one worth celebrating.  July 31st is not only the birthday of one of the most influential authors of the modern era, but it’s also the birthday of her incredibly famous character as well: Harry Potter.

British author J.K. Rowling is celebrating 50 years on the planet, and while the actual day of birth was yesterday, I’m confident that such celebrations are extending out even into the weekend as well.  I can imagine it to be quite a life for her so far, especially in regards to her crazy awesome success with her Harry Potter series.  It’s through these magical books that she’s touched a lot of lives, and I’m definitely no exception to that.

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In Support of Pride and Defiance of Prejudice: LGBT and Storytelling

Happy Independence Day to my fellow American readers!  On this day 239 years ago, the original thirteen American colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence that declared them a new nation, and therefore completely breaking ties with the British Empire.  As is traditional with every Independence Day, more hotdogs will most likely be consumed today than any other day of the year, parades are likely to take place in varying cities big and small, and of course, there’s also the round of fireworks that will engulf the sky and put my poor dogs through sheer hell.

I look to the events that are to come into fruition within the next 12 hours or so with not only expectancy, but also with irony.  I find it pleasantly ironic that we are celebrating our country’s independence when a little over a week ago, same-sex couples across the nation were celebrating theirs. Continue reading “In Support of Pride and Defiance of Prejudice: LGBT and Storytelling”

From the Mind to Real Life: Going Inside “Inside Out”

Television and movies; both do the exact same thing as books- storytelling- but in a different way.  As of this year, I’ve expanded my blog to exploring the storytelling in these respective mediums periodically.  Whether it be on the day of a significant anniversary since the release of a television series, or in honor of the release of a much anticipated film, I do my best in expressing my thoughts in not only the overall content, but in particular, the storytelling and the themes intertwined into the text.  Previously, I explored the world of “Tomorrowland.” Today, I bring you my thoughts on the latest Disney/Pixar creation, “Inside Out.” Continue reading “From the Mind to Real Life: Going Inside “Inside Out””

The Lenses of Optimism: About “Tomorrowland”

Storytelling isn’t just devoted to the limitations of words found in a book; it also extends out to television and movies too.  These past few months, I’ve been opening up my blog more to periodically exploring storytelling in these other mediums.  Officially, the last post devoted under this topic was my write-up I did on “Doctor Who,” in honor of its 10th anniversary since returning to television.  Unofficially, I devoted part of a blog post I did earlier this month to such subject matter when I discussed exploring my heritage through storytelling.  Now I present to you my first post devoted to a movie; that movie being the recently released film to come out of Walt Disney Studios, “Tomorrowland.”

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