Reflections on My Hiatus

December is here and my hiatus is officially over. It’s hard to believe I’ve been away so long from blogging on my website already, but then again, the fact that I posted four times during my hiatus definitely shakes the reality of it. Looking back on the past two months, I now see how I chose a pretty good time to step away for a bit, for things have been quite hectic both in the world and in my life. Continue reading “Reflections on My Hiatus”

What Did I Miss? (June 3rd-9th)


Hapa Reads – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute one of many books that the staff and other guests are reading.

Hapa Fitness – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute how I stay fit, among the staff and other guests.

Hapa Travels – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute one of many favorite locations that the staff and other guests have traveled to.

Hopefully Gaining Inspiration From Places

As briefly noted in my previous blog post, I was in the Pacific Northwest last weekend; specifically Seattle, Washington. While the main purpose was to visit a friend, it also made for the ultimate opportunity to explore a place I’ve never been to before. Seattle is a city that has been on my bucket list for quite some time, and I wanted to use up as many moments during my trip to get to know the place. Continue reading “Hopefully Gaining Inspiration From Places”

Thoughts About Location Scouting and Research Trips

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to deciding settings in a story. You could have a character from the exact same hometown as you, they would be living and working in a city in a part of the country you’re generally unfamiliar with, or in a part of the plot where it has the potential to re-define everything that they know, they may even need to travel abroad. But what do you do if your desired setting is a place that you’ve never been to before? How do you go about with researching that location in advance? That’s where I contemplate on the way of location scouting and research trips. Continue reading “Thoughts About Location Scouting and Research Trips”

A Contemplative Writing Experience

It technically would have made more sense if I had written about this earlier in the year, when it was in the news.  However, I consider now to be just as good to write about it, not only for the mere fact that it’s been occupying my thoughts as of lately, but because it’s something to consider as I look to the new year and as I proceed forward with writing my second novel. Continue reading “A Contemplative Writing Experience”

8 Questions for Sarah Dayan

Today I’m taking a little breather from talking about A Moment’s Worth and am, instead, providing the next interview of my interview series.  Two weeks prior to the release of my book, indie author Sarah Dayan celebrated a similar accomplishment when her debut novel, Greater Than the Still, became available for purchase.  Today, we will learn a bit more about the making of the novel, as well as her journey as a writer.

To give a bit of background info about her, Sarah Dayan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she still resides to this day.  She is incredibly well-traveled, and has written about many of the places she’s been to for Toonari Post.  Other hobbies of hers include playing the piano and guitar, photography, and giving in to her sweet tooth.  You can learn more about her on her website and you can follow her on Twitter.  Be sure to also like the Facebook page for Greater Than the Still as well.

photo provided by Sarah Dayan
photo provided by Sarah Dayan

Continue reading “8 Questions for Sarah Dayan”