When Words Matter: For Ahmaud Arbery

This is something I cannot stay silent about.

By now, you’re probably aware of this, but for those who aren’t, earlier this week, we learned that a 25-year-old man named Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while out for a jog in Brunswick, Georgia by a father and son duo. Continue reading “When Words Matter: For Ahmaud Arbery”

Thoughts About Feeling Responsible Through My Stories

I’m so tired of having to incorporate current events like this into my blog posts: Another mass shooting; this time at a beloved high school in Parkland, Florida. 17 dead (14 of them being students), 15 wounded; all by the hands of someone who should not have their hands on an AR-15. Continue reading “Thoughts About Feeling Responsible Through My Stories”

One Side

Last week’s blog post was scheduled ahead of time, which is why there was no mentioning of the unbelievable hate that went down in Charlottesville, Virginia that day.

I’m honestly lost for words. I’ve wracked my mind over and over again, figuring out just what to say about it without repeating what other people have already said. I’ve addressed time and time again the tense political climate we are in, but this event has for sure taken the turn for the worse. That’s why I’ve decided to bluntly tell it like it is at this point in time: Continue reading “One Side”

Bruce Lee and Poetry: Recommended Listening

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog post fall on a holiday, and never before has it fallen on the day of two holidays might I add. For those who celebrate Christmas: Merry Christmas Eve! For those who celebrate Hanukkah: Happy Hanukkah! For those don’t celebrate either: I hope you are having a good day anyway. For those who are hurting this holiday season: I feel for you.

As seen from this past week, this stink of a year that is 2016 refuses to let up, even during the holiday season. The electoral college has basically set up our country for failure these next four years by finalizing Trump as our next president (stupid heads!), the man himself is already posing as a national and international threat by speaking about how the U.S. should expand its nuclear ability, and “Star Wars” fans everywhere received a scare when Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack yesterday. Continue reading “Bruce Lee and Poetry: Recommended Listening”

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If I haven’t made this clear before, I’m a huge advocate for words.  Words can be incredibly effective and powerful; not just in the matters of storytelling, but also in everyday interactions.  But sometimes words aren’t enough.  Sometimes we need something more than that to justify ourselves in who we are and what we are assuring.  Sometimes, we need actions. Continue reading “When Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner

I’m the oldest of three, and if there was one thing my mom was looking forward to at the time she had me was the day I’d be able to talk and be able to express my thoughts out loud.  Unfortunately that day would come a lot later than normally expected when, as a toddler, I was discovered to have a case of speech and language delay.  What I mean by a language delay is that I did not develop language abilities at the proper age.  A speech delay resulted in part by the language delay, for while I sounded like I was saying words, on an oral/dictation level, I was not.  It was with that that I was made sure I received the proper therapy needed to correct my delays.

I went to a special ed preschool where it helped in correcting my language delay and catching me up to speed at where I should be, communication-wise.  During elementary school, I saw a speech therapist once every other week for four years to improve my speech.  Thanks to both of those forms of aid, by the time I was ready to enter junior high school, I could talk and communicate properly for someone my age. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner”

As a Keeper of Quote Books and Lover of Quotes

If there’s one thing one of my professors from my freshman year of college were able to figure out about me is that I “am in love with words” (as she had bluntly told me).  Although this was during a moment of advising me to condense the level of detail I put into my outlines for my public speaking class I was taking at the time, in a way, I guess she makes a point.  I am a lover of words, even beyond the obvious factor of my occupation as an author and blogger.  Already I’ve previously talked about my ever-growing collection of journals I’ve maintained for the past 13 years.  However, within the past four years, I have another collection of blank books going on.  They’re smaller in size, and therefore tend to be filled out a lot quicker than my journals.  While they contain my handwriting, the words are not my own, but rather the thought nuggets of others.  For the past four years, I’ve been maintaining a growing collection of quote books. Continue reading “As a Keeper of Quote Books and Lover of Quotes”

Thoughts About Translation

As I may have mentioned in the past, I am a lover of different languages, despite my inability to pick up on speaking any properly.  I think a lot about this, not only in the context as a writer myself, but also regarding the books that I read (in particular, the numerous Haruki Murakami novels I’ve read within the last year).  I read Japanese novels in their English translation, and yet I wonder and ponder about that in-between state from translating the context from one language to another.

Continue reading “Thoughts About Translation”

Behind the Moments: Language and Other Wording

In honor of the three months since A Moment’s Worth came out, for the month of October, I shall be doing a series where I reveal some background history of the novel each week.  I might include some content that may contain spoilers, so be careful when reading if you haven’t already read the book yet.  I hope you enjoy.

If you had read my author’s commentary that I had done about “The Shadows,” then you may remember how I took time to talk about how and why I incorporated bits of the Portuguese language into it.  You may also recall me saying that I did a little bit of that with A Moment’s Worth too, which is what I’m taking the time to talk about and expand upon now. Continue reading “Behind the Moments: Language and Other Wording”