Writings Elsewhere


JoySauceTwenty Years After ‘Whale Rider,’ There’s Still Much to Love (A cross post with Mixed Asian Media)

My Journey with Journals (a collaboration with RealSoul) – (See accompanying personal essay here.)


Mixed Asian Media (formerly known as Hapa Mag) (2020-present)

PBS – Drama Del Rosario’s Coming Out Story in ‘In This Family’ Looks Back on Growth, His Own and His Parents, “Asian Americans” Producers Hope for Enlightening Experience During COVID-19 Crisis, The Producers of “Asian Americans” Look Back on the Making of the Documentary Series


The Nerds of Color (2019-present)

Center for Asian American Media (2019-present)


Cinematografo International Film Festival- Gene Cajayon Discusses His Journey in Filmmaking and the Making of “The Debut,” The Cast of “The Debut” Reflect on Film’s 18th Anniversary, A Grimy, Working Class Singapore Unfolds in “A Land Imagined,” SIGNAL ROCK Sheds Light on Philippines’ Toxic Patriarchal System

Surat Magazine– About Baybayin

East Wind Ezine- “The Apology” Shares Comfort Women’s Activism and Legacies

Xfinity- “Soft Power” Actor Discuss His Journey in David Henry Hwang’s New Show

Center for Asian American Media- “Soft Power” Actors Discuss their Journeys in David Henry Hwang’s New Show

CAAMFest 2018


Hapa Mag Issue 002- Storytelling By Way of a Sharper Focus

Success Circuit- A Hit and Miss for Chris Colfer’s “Stranger Than Fanfiction”


I Am Disruptive- A Message from an Outspoken Wonder (pg. 1)

Center for Asian American Media- “The Lion King” Actor Gerald Ramsey on Representation of Pacific Islanders in the Arts, StoryCorps: Rudy Corpuz Jr. of United Playaz Shares Memories of Grow Up in SoMa, San Francisco Students Gain Education in Filipino Culture and History, Broadway Actress Lena Hall Discusses Upcoming “Hedwig” Tour and Her Filipino Heritage

YOMYOMF (2016-2018) (NOTE: Most of the writings of mine from YOMYOMF are archived over on Drifting Back Around.)

Multiracial Media (2016-2018)

Entropy Magazine- When the Clock Strikes Lahaina Noon, Variations on a Theme: The Musicality of Phil Collins

I Am Hungry- First Bite (pg. 15)


My Little Book Blog- A Guest Post for MLBB: Thoughts about Reading Books while Writing Books

I Am A Warrior- 2nd Division Hapa (pg. 10)

What Inspires Your Writing?- When on this creative journey, anything’s possible, Short on writing inspiration? A different angle may help

Center for Asian American Media- CAAMFest Shorts: Delights and Surprises (co-written with Nancy Nguyen)

CAAMFest 2015- OUT/HERE (SHORTS), Kollaboration SF: Movement in Motion


The Guardian- 2014: The Year of Goals Met and Accomplished

The Wind-Up Books Chronicle (2014-2016)

I Am Here (Oakland Asian Cultural Center’s inaugural zine)Waiting for Home (pg. 9)

Tri-City Voice- Newark author releases debut novel (online version)

loudlysilent- 6 Questions for Draven Katayama (loudlysilent)

World Nomads- When Time Stood Still in the Annex

Kollaboration (2014-2016)

VerseWrights– Elaboration, Jellyfish Blues, The 99% Life, The Storyteller, Bardo


Berkeley Patch- A Chat Between Two Writers

Center for Asian American Media (Summer 2013)

Hapa Voice- Filipino, German, Irish, Portuguese


Reflections XII- Memories Defied: An Analysis of Fictional Memories


Reflections XI- To Build a Cathedral

Newark Patch (2011-2013)


The Pioneer (2010-2013)


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