What Did I Miss? (July 8th-14th)


YOMYOMF Blockbuster Showdown: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP – The Offenders and I gather together to discuss our thoughts on the latest film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Published Works

Where’s Rose? – For YOMYOMF, I question the lack of announcement regarding whether or not Kelly Marie Tran will be reprising her breakout role of Rose Tico in the upcoming “Star Wars” film.



4 Years of “A Moment’s Worth”

If I thought the stretch of time between 2014 and last year was prominent, imagine what I’m feeling now. Tomorrow will mark four years since the release of A Moment’s Worth; my debut novel that focused on three core subjects throughout the storylines: the interconnections among the human race, the fine line between what is real and what could be a dream, and the value of moments in time. Continue reading

What Did I Miss?: The One Day Early Edition… Again (June 24th-30th)

(Apologies for having this come at you a day later than planned. Technical difficulties can be the worst.) With a script just about ready to workshop tomorrow and a much more hefty effort being made towards creating my screenplay, time escaped me and I’m unfortunately closing out the month with another pause. But when in July, things should start becoming less so happening all at once, and so I can imagine putting out a regular blog post at this time next week for sure.

In the mean time, here is what you missed: Continue reading

What Did I Miss? (June 3rd-9th)


Hapa Reads – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute one of many books that the staff and other guests are reading.

Hapa Fitness – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute how I stay fit, among the staff and other guests.

Hapa Travels – For the fourth issue of Hapa Mag, I guest contribute one of many favorite locations that the staff and other guests have traveled to.

The Decision to Put My Third Novel on Hiatus

The title alone speaks for itself as to what this post is about, and to be quite frank, this has not been an easy decision for me to make.

Since my update about my third novel from back in January, I unfortunately still haven’t made a lot of progress with writing it. My most recent update on it is that I’ve managed to hammer out a fairly long chapter in it – and by recent, I mean that this was a little over a month ago. Continue reading