What Did I Miss?: January 2023

Published Works

‘The Bad Batch’ Stars and Executive Producers Discuss Making the Second Season – For The Nerds of Color, I spoke with several of the creative forces behind the latest “Star Wars” animated series, ahead of its Season 2 premiere on Disney+.

Dante Basco Reflects on His Experience with ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ as Co-Host of Podcast – For the Center for Asian American Media, I interviewed the voice actor of the prince of the Fire Nation on what it’s like co-hosting the official companion podcast for this beloved animated series.

Review of Every Version of You by Grace Chan – For Goodreads, I briefly give my take on this thoughtful, sci-fi debut.

Thoughts and Reactions to Watching ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ For the First Time – For The Nerds of Color, I (begrudgingly) go over my thoughts over, what I found to be, an unnecessary sequel to the Keanu-Reeves fronted thriller.


Every Oscar Nom Reaction All at Once | Hard NOC Life – For the first time since 2020, for the first time as a co-host, and in the first episode of the year, I return to this podcast to discuss the Oscar nominations, trailers, Sundance, and Marie Kondo.


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