Looking Back on the Life and Times of Anne Frank

A thread on Twitter that a friend of mine retweeted got me realizing something that my younger self would have been very disappointed with me for forgetting. This year, specifically this summer, marks a number of anniversaries for Anne Frank; the young Netherlands-based writer who perished in the Holocaust, and whose voice would go on to speak volumes to the rest of the world and across generations. Continue reading

Special Thursday Post: Last Days of “The Geek Show” Indiegogo Campaign (FOR REAL This Time)

Hey everyone!

We are down to the final days of our Indiegogo campaign for “The Geek Show.” This time, I mean it, for we can no longer extend it than need be. Within the additional three weeks added to the campaign’s duration, we are now about 70% of the way to our goal. Therefore, these last days are absolutely crucial to get as many people donating as possible.

So once again, if you are able to, we’d really appreciate it if you’re able to donate. Whether it be as little as $5 or as much as $100 (or $250 as was the case with one contributor), I mean it when I say that every little bit counts. We’d also highly appreciate it if you can spread the word about it, for the more people who know, the better. The campaign ends this Saturday, so if you’re going to donate, click here to get to the campaign page.

In addition, if you are going to be in the Bay Area from April 20th-29th, I hope you’ll consider attending one of the performances for “The Geek Show.” You can buy your tickets here.

That just about does it for now. I’ll be back on Saturday with my regularly scheduled blog post.


UPDATE: “The Geek Show” Indiegogo Campaign Has Been EXTENDED!

I definitely wasn’t expecting to write for a third consecutive day, but this latest change in the Indiegogo campaign for “The Geek Show” is, for sure, one that needs to be shared. So contrary to what I had said in yesterday’s post, as of today, the length of the campaign has been extended for about three more weeks. We are a little over halfway to our goal, and so this was a necessary decision to make, to allow ourselves more time to really aim to reach our it.

Crowdfunding is no cakewalk, for it takes a village to make it succeed. If you are able to, we’d really appreciate it if you could contribute to it. Otherwise, sharing the link with others will be equally as helpful. All the details can be found here.

Special Sunday Post: Last Days of “The Geek Show” Indiegogo Campaign

Hey everyone!

I come to you for a second time this weekend with an announcement. You might remember how last month, I had mentioned the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for a theatre production I’m doing called “The Geek Show.” Well, at this time, we are down to the last days of our campaign, and we are a little more than halfway to our goal. Continue reading

Special Friday Post: “The Geek Show” Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!

Hey everyone!

I’m writing to you a day ahead of my weekly blog post to announce something quite exciting. At the end of last year, I had mentioned how one of my goals for the year is to get involved in more creative collaborations, and how I had gotten a jump start on it months in advance by getting involved in a theatre production. Well, I’m happy to say that the Indiegogo campaign for that project is now live for people to contribute.

Continue reading

Why I Include LGBT Characters in My Novels

Judging from the title of this week’s blog post, it might be a bit of a head scratcher to start off the new year with this particular topic. However, I found it necessary to do so, for a specific reason. A week ago, someone (who shall remain nameless) had written a review on An Absolute Mind, and had quite a number of things to say about it – and not exactly in a positive light, might I add. But what infuriated me was when this individual referred to the same-sex relationships presented in the novel as a “lifestyle.”

Since discovering this review, I’ve wracked my mind over what I can do about it; not that I would normally jump on anything and everything negative one would say about my novels, but this comment is not criticism of the story itself, but rather one of different proportions. Now I could sit back and be silent, or I could fight back. It’s 2017, so I’m choosing the latter, for I feel that this instance presents itself an opportunity to educate others on why I include LGBT characters in my novels. Continue reading

Embrace ALL the Arts

The arts matter. I’m just going to put that out there right away. Anyone who argues otherwise clearly does not understand the value of the arts and how they shape and define a culture. It’s been highly preached that we need them now more than ever, in the aftermath of the election of a buffoon of a man for president (that is, unless the electoral college has the brains to change that in the coming week). That’s why it was a huge loss for the arts community when the lives of 36 artists were taken away in a local fire two weeks ago.

The arts matter, but I feel that for some people, there’s a limit as to just how much of the arts they are open-minded enough to embrace. There’s a mental capacity as to just how much they are willing to consume, depending on what form the art takes. To put it even more bluntly, based upon my experiences, the emphasis on the importance of arts are strongly preached, so long as the art is easy enough to consume. Continue reading

Concealed Curtains and Talking Story

I was just re-reading a few blog posts from within the first month I started writing this blog, and I realized how two consecutive posts actually complement one another. One of them was about being open with people you may only speak with for the moment and then never see again (or at least for a long time), while the other one is about the illusions we uphold on different aspects of our identities.

The two topics complement each other, through the matters of how you can have a conversation with anyone, and however engaging and insightful it may be, there’s a chance that you may not get around to revealing too much about yourself, by choice might I add. Continue reading

Keeping Up With Content While Creating Content

This blog post topic inspiration spurred from a podcast episode I listened to about two months ago, where the guest for that week was Wong Fu co-founder, Phil Wang. He talked a lot about how it can be a struggle with keeping up with content as it comes out, when you yourself are a content creator. Just to paint a picture as to what I mean by that, the week he was on that podcast, his webseries “Single By 30” just came out, and yet the most recent content he had consumed at the time was “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

After listening to that episode, it got me thinking a lot as to how it applies to my own life as a content creator myself. I began thinking about what I do to be as informed with what’s hot right now, while maintaining my own voice for the stories I put out there. It turned out to be a quick analysis on my end, for how I consume content is, perhaps, quite freeing, when compared to my other fellow millennials. Continue reading

The Value of Originality on Page and Screen

As many others have, I’ve been watching the coverage from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics throughout the week. Since the networks in my country refuse to show it in sync with when the events are actually happening (despite Rio being four hours ahead of my time), there are a lot of commercials in between time. It was during one of these commercials where I saw a trailer for a film I hadn’t heard about yet, though it sounded quite familiar from the sight of a train, the mysterious disappearance of a local woman, and how another woman is trying to make sense of it all. Then the title appeared, and I groaned aloud upon sight. It was a trailer for the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train: a highly praised thriller novel that came out last year!

Now there may be people who see no problem with it; for they loved the book and figured it will work well as a film. As one family member argues, there shouldn’t be an issue with adapting a book for film so soon after its publication. If that’s the case, then you clearly have no idea where I’m coming from on this. It’s been nearly two years since I last talked about the lacking appearance of originally scripted films, and nowadays, it appears to be happening at a more excessive rate, and thus undermining the value of the life of original content. Continue reading