Now Playing: “Interview with an Aswang”

Last year, I made my debut with Rainy Day Artistic Collective with a one-act play I wrote called “Interview with an Aswang;” where a college student interviews her aswang friend about what her life is like for a school assignment, only to unknowingly hit on some hard realities the latter has dealt with. It was since made into a short film that was submitted into the film festival circuit, and while it did play at Mixed Asian Media Fest, it otherwise wasn’t as successful getting in elsewhere.

That’s why instead of just leaving it behind a password, earlier this week, with consent from the cast and my co-director, I made it available for all to watch on YouTube. For those who haven’t seen it or those who have, you can now watch it whenever you’d like. Mind you that it’s a virtual production, shot at a time when the COVID vaccines were not yet available to everyone, so we worked with what we had. Together, I’m proud of what we created from this script of mine.

Please go give it a watch and be sure to like it and share it with others. If you’re curious about how this story came to be, go read the commentary I did about it.

In the event that this piece comes across any higher ups in entertainment, I hope “Interview with an Aswang” clearly demonstrates how I write and the stories I gravitate towards telling, and that as far as my goals of writing for TV and film goes, I hope this production shows that I have experience and that I’m ready.

If you are able to, I hope you can go support me in all that I do by leaving a tip over on Ko-fi. I do a lot of writing that I get paid very little for or not at all, and so this is a way of showing your support other than just reading my content. Donations of varying quantities and frequencies are greatly appreciated.


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