Special Sunday Post: Title INITIALS REVEALED!

designed by Lauren Lola
designed by Lauren Lola

Within the past few months of keeping this blog, I’ve unraveled bits and pieces about my book in progress, bit by bit.  I’m primarily keeping it under wraps for the sake of protecting the content until the day comes where it’s available to everyone and anyone who’s interested in reading it.  But with the fact that the month of its release is approaching fast now, I figured I should start revealing a little bit more about it.

So this morning, while many of us are still recovering from losing an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings, I present to you guys the initials for the book.  Yes, the initials.  I’m holding off on announcing the title for at least one more month, until editing is a little further along and a few other details are more situated.  Besides, can you imagine making a hashtag out of this? 😉

Anyway, I hope this little announcement gets people excited.  More will be revealed as time goes along, I can reassure that.

For now though, thanks for taking the time to read this Special Sunday post and I’ll be back on Saturday with a new post.



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